2015, Tokyo Japan Day 6

This is definitely one of the worst day among the whole trip in Japan. I am never in my life eating CoCo Ichiban again! Be it in Malaysia or Japan or any other countries.

I spent the night literally puking until i wanted to die. Every 15 minutes i had to either tilt my head towards the plastic bag or gag until something comes out in the toilet. It was so bad.

It was definitely the seafood i ate in CoCo Ichiban. Everyone else was fine, but me (THANK GOD FOR THAT COZ IF THE KIDS WERE AS SICK AS I WAS.. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN ALOT WORSE).

The poor hubs even ran out to the pharmacy to get me some sort of medication at wee hours in the morning, hoping to give me some relief…but na da~ nothing works!

Once the sun was up, i was admitted to the nearest hospital and had to be on drip.

Food poisoning + gastronomy disorder. (I literally puked until i had gastric! )

I felt incredibly ill that i was so thankful to my awesome husband that had settled both kids that morning and yet taken such good care of me the whole night.

Needless to say, Day 6 wasn’t at all fun! After i was discharged from the hospital.. i was sent back to the hotel to rest.

And so i did.. i slept the whole Day 6 away!

imageI’m guessing not many people knew about this (not at all eventful day) as i did not post it up in my instagram. But don’t be too surprised, it can happen to anyone at anytime.

So i’ve learnt my lesson and i’m most certainly bringing medication to whatever trips that i’m going for in the future! YOU SHOULD TOO!!!


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