2015, Tokyo Japan Day 4

It was our 4th day traveling at this remarkable country and we decided to spend the day in Ueno sight seeing plus bring the kids to the zoo. How can we visit Tokyo and not visit the zoo in such perfect weather, right?

We headed for breakfast nearby.. image

Oh yeah~ this sandwich was soooo good!


We headed to Ueno Park once we finished up with breakfast.

It was only a couple of stations away, so we reached our destination really fast. Just outside the zoo, there were a man performing tricks and aecrobatics. It was rather remarkable and entertaining even though i can barely understand a single word of what he was saying.

The kids LOVED the performances. image

We then head on into the zoo. The kids were so excited! image

imageHere are a few of the animals we saw. 🙂 imageimageimage

They even have a section just for kids. A wide range of farm animals for kids to see, learn, and play with the animals. imageimageimage

After a good 3 hours, we finally finished walking the whole zoo.image

We then headed over to Ueno’s market in search for lunch. image

It’s a long street that consists of a variety of food, clothes, souvenirs, shoes and more. We simply couldn’t resist… so we just bought some snacks that was sold along the road to eat. imageimage

One of the uncle was so kind that he even offered my boy some biscuits as well. (japanese people are really so thoughtful and nice).

As we went further in, we stopped for some seafood. I was thinking to myself this amazing market sells everything! imageimageimage

We then had some panda buns and desserts. image


Our walk along the market probably took us a good 2 hours. We then headed back to Shinjuku and headed for dinner.

It was our 2nd time this trip that we’re back having this amazing bowl of .. (yes it was that good that we got to eat it for the 2nd time!) imageimage

After that, we walked along the streets and malls of shinjuku and decided to stop by for some desserts. (By now, i’m sure you can guess i am rather a dessert person). imageimage

I guess, this little one got her mommy genes. 🙂

After that, it was time to head back home for some rest in preparation for our day 5 adventure!

Our day 4 passed by with such enlightening experiences, priceless faces on both of our children, and a full on colourful adventure that i would most certainly want to do again!


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