GetDoc the life saver app!

Have you ever encountered being lost by the options of doctors available? Not knowing what time their open or if appointment slots are available or even unsure of their expertise. These days as technology empower over us a crew of young and like minded individuals got together and created GetDoc. An amazing app that makes life easier for those in need of doctors expertise.


Let me get a bit more in details… What is GetDoc? 

GetDoc team

GetDoc is a platform that allows users to search, select and make appointment with their nearby doctor using our mobile apps and website. Users can search for nearby clinics or hospitals, select the doctor they want to visit, and make an appointment with the doctor through GetDoc app, now they can reduce the time waiting and queuing in clinics. Users can share their appointment information with family members and friends, and can also schedule appointments on behalf of their loved ones. Doesn’t it sound awesome?!?! It certainly sounds amazing to me! Bringing two toddlers out with no help can be quite challenging at times and having my appointments all organised with a click of an app is just what i need!

GetDoc - Office 2

How did GetDoc started?

It all started from a true sad story. GetDoc was created because of Jerry’s (the founder of GetDoc Malaysia) father, who was diagnosed with colon cancer 2 years ago. He needed to suffer by dragging his sick body in getting doctors and waiting to get treatment. Read the full story here: 

GetDoc’s Vision, Mission and Values.



How does GetDoc works?


1. Download the app for free.
2. Register through the app and fill in your User information (one-time only).
3. Search for doctor/clinic according to the preferred specialties, location and other filters.
5. Select a doctor that you would like to visit.
6. Make an appointment with the doctors by tapping on their available time slots in the application.

Benefits of using GetDoc app:
1. Time Saving – Less waiting time needed to get treated.
2. Convenience – Make an appointment with the doctor anytime, anywhere.
3. Stay Connected – Help your loved ones to make an appointment when they are sick and keep track on their follow-up appointments.


My meeting and tour around the office lead to having coffee with Qian the lead, community member of GetDoc exchanging marketing ideas and understanding further about the app. GetDoc is an app that was built with love by the GetDoc team. Their mission today is to enrich 100 million lives by delivering a better healthcare experience to everyone!

Download the app and try it out yourself! Feedbacks are all welcome.



Yamaguchi Fish Market Grand Launch

As you already know, i love Japan and every little thing about it. This year alone, i had the privilege of visiting the country twice. It was all too sudden that when i was informed about the Launch of Yamaguchi Fish Market my heart skipped a beat in excitement. Upon receiving an invitaion to attend Yamaguchi Fish Market and the launch of Gekkeikan Sake in Malaysia i was literally in cloud 9.



A little background :

Yamaguchi Fish Market is inspired by Karato and Tsukiji Fish Market in Japan. It is located at no. 16 Jalan Kampung Pandan where Black Market/Caffeiness/ Zebra SQ is located. The amazing varieties of seafood was indeed enticing to the palate. The tanks of Yamaguchi Fish Market is filled with fresh catches from seasonal fishes to uni and king crabs that guests can either opt to dine in and enjoy in a variety of delicious styles or purchase back home at wholesale prices.image

The night was filled with many guests from the Media as well as the VVIP’s. For the evening the guests of honor was the handsome Wu Chun an international celebrity.

There were also Mr. Masaaki Kasai – Senior Managing Director of Gekkeikan Sake, Japan and Wilson MC Lau – International Traveling Artist that were specially invited to attend the eventful evening as well.


There were a variety of food being prepared for that evening as well as my favourite  which is the amazing one of a kind Sake filled with egg roes inside. DSC02065




The variety of choices available at The Yamaguchi Fish Market is utmost exquisite.. Here are the updated menu list with price available and the top 10 recommended dishes which most definitely is worth trying.

I was truly thankful and bless as i had the opportunity to be apart of this event and even more grateful to have met some new friends as well as some long lost friends that night as well.

It was most certainly an awesome evening for everyone. Once again warmest congratulations on the launch of the Yamaguchi Fish market 🙂 IMG_1027

The❤️Photos we’ll Remember

It has become a habit of mine to always make an effort to capture pictures of the husband with the kids when we’re out and about doing daily activities and on our little mini adventures. If i’m lucky~ i might just include myself into these shots as well.

These photos we’ll look back on when we’re old and wrinkled, photos that will make us smile and help us remember these very special moments, photos that the kids can show their future husband/wives and children.

The photos taken right here, is literally as good as it gets 99% of the time. My kids will be distracted and yet try to pull on their best smiles and on the normal note the husband will mask on his cool look while i pretend not to worry the outcome of the photo and pull on my best to smile hoping for the very best outcome.

But today when I take a step back and look at the picture with some perspective, it’s then that I realize that in our old and wrinkled years, these will likely be the photos I look back on with the fondest memories–regardless of any unflattering angle. Because photos like these capture our reality–a bit of excitement, a little crazy, a dash of silly and defintely a whole lot of happy.

2015, Osaka Japan

Osaka is one of my favourite places to visit in Japan. The vibrant colours surrounding the tall buildings just brightens up my mood and the amazing smell of the street food just tantalises my tastebuds. After spending 3 days and 2 nights in Kyoto ( Click here to read it ), we (the family) were looking forward in exploring further in Osaka. 

In Osaka, there are a few things i personally love to explore. This trip unfortunately hubs and my little girl were not feeling that great so we had spent most of the trip indoors.. IMG_0324



Hence, this means minimal sight seeing and most of our activities involves on indulgence on food and rest.







We did walked a little on the first day along Dotonburi. The smell of grilled food along the walkway of Dotonburi was enough to keep my eyes peeled wide open. I just feel like eating everything i can see. It was superbly dangerous to my diet but definitely worth it! 

The aroma of these Grilled Scallop topped with garlic and butter caught us in a jiffy! It was Super YUMS!

We also had the famous Ichiran Ramen. I discovered it to be my sons favourite during my Tokyo trip. He practically can finish the whole adult bowl.

The steps are very direct and clear on what we needed to do. And the eggs were simply like heaven~ IMG_0254

Needless to say, my daughter the egg lover ate 2 and wanted more! >.<IMG_0259

IMG_0262She really loves the eggs.

Next, there were these charcoal grilled crabs.

IMG_0283These are simply to die for. The smell of the charcoal on the crabs were so authentic and the crabs were so sweet. I totally enjoyed it that hubs surprised me with them again the night before we were suppose to leave.



Yakitori stalls are my favourite. Ever since i have been introduced to eating chicken bones (yes grilled chicken soft bones) i have been madly in love with them. Having to enjoy them in Osaka was a pure luxury as expected, it tasted so good!

Although not in tip top condition, we still did manage to have a good time together.



Already, i can’t wait for the next trip! 😛

Loccitane and Melvita exciting Xmas Launch 2015

Christmas is just around the corner and yesterday i received an enchanting early christmas present from two of my favourite luxurious beauty and body care company #loccitanemalaysia and #melvitamalaysia.

I am truly honoured to be invited to an extremely well planned event from the PR team and was given an exclusive insight on the launch of their latest Christmas Festive Season Collection.

The Pierre Herme Collection and Melvita’s New Nectar De Roses Range and The Exclusive L’OR BIO Extraordinary Oil.

The Pierre Herme Collection was formed by two unique talents Oliver Baussan and Pierre Herme infusing their expertise, one with passion for ingredients while another with passion for corsica and taste.

The collaborate of these two amazing talents has created a combination of temperamental scents and flavors of Rhubarb. Clove and Nutmeg. These soft subtle blends combines characteristics notes of Honey, Mandarin Orange and Immortelle. These beautiful creation are known today as Jasmine – Immortelle Neroli, Pamplemousse – Rhubarbe, and Miel Mandarine.

*here is my bff which I’m sure everybody already knows who she is.. Cheesie And Jasmine-Immortelle Neroli Edt*

Jasmine – Immortelle Neroli is luminous, Angelic and sensual.. a floral and feminine scent balancing white notes of gardens at dawn with key ingredients of immortelle essential oils from Corsica, Jasmine flower absolute, and Neroli Essence.

Pamplemousse Rhubarbe has a quivering accord that tantalises the nose and taste buds with a citrus fruit and rhubarb. The beautiful balance of note is sensual woody notes of cedar conjuring up sensation of mischievous grapefruit designed specifically for both men and women.


Miel Mandarine is a blend of golden honey crystallised on a sun-drenched slice of Mandarin Orange. Also designed for both men and women with key ingredients of Mandarin Orange and Corsican Immortelle. Combined with balsamic facets of Benzoin and almond facets of tonic Absolute, it reveals all the depths of its honeyed heart.

This fantastic Xmas holiday collaboration will bring explosion of joys and flavors reminicing that magical childhood memorable moments when everything was beautiful, bright and full of light. It’s definitely #thegiftiwanttokeep A big thank you to #loccitanemalaysia


Melvita, a leading french organic skin care brand has also created an exclusive range of new nectar de roses to celebate christmas this year 2015. These three unique organic wild roses bouquet was created with various unique roses : Rosa Mosqueta from South of Chile, Rosa Canina from Vergers and Rosa Gallica from Regions of Drome. Together these bouquet of fresh roses fills the air with a feminine and delicate fragrance.

With the Nectar de Roses range, Melvita offers a precious organic blend with a captivating scent that moisturises and revitalises even the thirstiest skin, from head to toe.

Another fantastic discovery i have uncovered from Melvita’s range are the organic oils. The one i have personally tested and love is L’OR BIO Extraordinary Oil. A unique synergy of 5 rare and precious oils, gathered from the four corners of the world, providing an extraordinary subtle scent, non oily yet deeply nourishing and conditioning with a protective film for both the skin and hair when used. Specially intwined with various oil such as Argan oil from Morocco, Kendi oil from Indonesia, Inca Inchi oil from Amazonia and Pracaxi oil from Amazonia. I totally love it! It would be available in the store on the 16th of November.. this is a MUST TRY!

Good news! Melvin Malaysia is now on Instagram! @melvitaofficial and their giving 3 lucky winners a chance to winL’Or Bio Extraordinary Oil 100ml. All you have to do is

  • Post pictures of your best Melvita product with #HolidayMelvita (Country) #melvitaMY #melvitamalaysia & with @melvitaoffical tag
  • Regram the picture

and you might be one of those 3 lucky winners! 🙂

2015, Kyoto Japan

It was such a blessing to have been given an opportunity to visit the land of the rising sun again. It was the 2nd trip within a month apart and i left it to the very last minute to surprise the kids that this family trip isn’t just the four of us but with their favourite aunties and grandparents as well. IMG_0096

No doubt they were overjoyed with excitement!

And so was i.. Family trips are just the best.. loads of bonding moments with love ones which we spend too little time with.

It was also a trip to surprise my beautiful sister in law’s birthday. Her endless smiles on the face was simply priceless when she saw us at the airport. IMG_0143

I’m so thankful to be bless with these beautiful people in my life.

I have the best sister in laws in the world.. they helped babysit the kids almost throughout the whole trip.. even at night.. which means hubs and i get a chance to spend some alone time and check out the salsa scene in Kyoto.IMG_0155

The bar was a tad bit smaller than we expected but filled with passionate dancers who takes turn on the dance floor. IMG_0166

People there as usual were extremely friendly even to foreigners like ourselves.IMG_0159

So the hubs managed to steal a couple of dances as well..

Our visit in Kyoto was rather short but we did managed to squeeze some time to visit the beautiful Bamboo Grove in Arashiyama.


A rather peaceful garden that brings us back to embracing the beauty of nature.

Do you like our family T-shirt? You can get yours at Sticking_Out I totally adore these T-shirts. Thank you so much @sticking_out

The view was simply breathtaking.. with hues of gold, green, yellow, pink and red..IMG_0220

Despite the beautiful scenic view and treasured bonding moments with everyone, we took our indulgence on food quite seriously during our 2 nights stay in Kyoto..






After a good 3 days and 2 nights in Kyoto.. i gave up my total diet plan and enjoy every single second of my indulgence.

Next stop~ Osaka.

2015, Tokyo Japan Day 8 (10.10.15)

Happy 6th year anniversary to my dearest husband!


It was the last day in Tokyo, Japan and the past 8 days has been nothing less but amazing (except day 6). Our plane home was in the late afternoon so we had a fair bit of time to burn before heading to the airport.

As usual, we headed out early in the morning to search for breakfast. My little girl had a burst of appetite. She suddenly decided to eat eat and eat continuously one after the other.
image image image image image image image image image image I had no complains at all.. even though was really shocked with her sudden burst of appetite. I totally love watching her’s a really really rare sight!

The husband and i enjoyed some freshly made onigiri as well.. his was a normal Sake with Ikura (salmon fish with salmon eggs) 
image imageMine was filled with Mentaiko. It was superb!!!

Soon after, we headed back to the hotel and grab our bags to head to the airport. The ride to the airport took us a good 40 mins.. so the little girl sat on daddy’s lap and took a nap. It was one of the most precious sight i have seen this trip. #fatherdaughterlove.
imageWhen we finally reached the airport, thats when it suddenly hit me.. this is it, we’re heading home to the horrendous weather thanks to the haze!

I was a little sad that the trip has finally come to an end. So, i asked the kids.. (“who wants to come back to Japan again?”) Their reaction was simply priceless.

As we board our plane (we sat ANA Airlines) i was so grateful that their service was nothing less but polite and thoughtful all the way. They constantly checked on me and the kids. Provide us with bottles of water as well as juice. They even gave the kids cards to play. It really nice of them. They served the kids such adorable meals as well (without me requesting). There was certainly a huge difference in sitting a Japanese airlines compared to others. It was totally an eye opening experience.
Can’t wait until the next visit to Japan again. *i heart Japan* 🙂


*Side note to husband* – Thank you for being so wonderful in so many ways and this amazing 8 days trip! 🙂

2015, Tokyo Japan Day 7

The whole of Day 6 i was stuck in bed and most definitely i wasn’t going to let this food poisoning exploit my holiday away. I was feeling a tad bit better that i could keep my head up high without feeling the urge to run to the toilet or find the nearest plastic bag.

So, i got up and perked myself up with some makeup and decided to head out to the electronics town!

My daughter had the chance of wearing her new cloak out as well which daddy bought for her in DisneyLand the day before. She’s completely hooked with frozen fever, as you can already see.

image Upon reaching Akihabara, we decided to bring the kids to have an experience at the Maid’s Cafe (a unique one of a kind cafe where you see ladies/girls dressed up as a maid/maiden and act cute in front of you)image

Momma’s little girl obviously found the place amusing. 🙂 image


Photos of the maid/maiden were not allowed… but we did somehow accidentally managed to capture a few shots of them behind us. image


Everything they served were cuteness overloaded. image

image Okay, maybe not this one in particular, but she (the maid/maiden) did try her best. 🙂

Before we left, to commemorate our trip to the Maid’s Cafe, the little ones had a photo taken with them.

We then headed for a walk at the Asakusa Shrine as well as pay our yearly respect before we headed over for lunch. I had to be rather watchful over the things i eat as i was still under medication and recovery.

But how on earth can i resist thisssssss!!!


The perfect tamago. image

The bowl of specially seasoned seafood batter with rice.


So.. i told myself.. eat first, settle later (total glutton i know! ) >.<


Being a little unwell, we decided to head back to Shinjuku a little earlier and explore the malls nearby before heading back to the hotel to rest.

We came across these premium yogurt which was AMAZING!!! image Although being unwell, this did not stop me from trying them. It was so good! We ended up buying a few tubs to keep in the fridge for dessert after dinner. 🙂

By dinner time, the husband suggested a wonderful place to try out walking distance from our hotel.. image

Like always, good food brings smiles across my face even with little appetite. 🙂




imageNeedless to say, the food was amazing!

2015, Tokyo Japan Day 6

This is definitely one of the worst day among the whole trip in Japan. I am never in my life eating CoCo Ichiban again! Be it in Malaysia or Japan or any other countries.

I spent the night literally puking until i wanted to die. Every 15 minutes i had to either tilt my head towards the plastic bag or gag until something comes out in the toilet. It was so bad.

It was definitely the seafood i ate in CoCo Ichiban. Everyone else was fine, but me (THANK GOD FOR THAT COZ IF THE KIDS WERE AS SICK AS I WAS.. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN ALOT WORSE).

The poor hubs even ran out to the pharmacy to get me some sort of medication at wee hours in the morning, hoping to give me some relief…but na da~ nothing works!

Once the sun was up, i was admitted to the nearest hospital and had to be on drip.

Food poisoning + gastronomy disorder. (I literally puked until i had gastric! )

I felt incredibly ill that i was so thankful to my awesome husband that had settled both kids that morning and yet taken such good care of me the whole night.

Needless to say, Day 6 wasn’t at all fun! After i was discharged from the hospital.. i was sent back to the hotel to rest.

And so i did.. i slept the whole Day 6 away!

imageI’m guessing not many people knew about this (not at all eventful day) as i did not post it up in my instagram. But don’t be too surprised, it can happen to anyone at anytime.

So i’ve learnt my lesson and i’m most certainly bringing medication to whatever trips that i’m going for in the future! YOU SHOULD TOO!!!

2015, Tokyo Japan Day 5

On Day 5, it’s the photobomb day!!!

A day at Disneyland! The kids were overjoyed when they heard that we were going to go Disneyland. It was my first time as well. 😛 Being all excited we headed off early in the morning. The skies were beautiful that morning unlike the horrible haze polluting Malaysia’s air and environment.

I remember looking up at these smokey clouds feeling so blessed and thankful to be breathing clean air at that very moment. Never in my life will i ever take it for granted.

As we head towards The Kingdom of Fantasy, we bought some sandwiches for the kids.. which they love so much!


I just love watching them eat.. 🙂 image The ride took us a good 30 mins before we finally arrived our destination. My boy was so excited that he smiled and laughed until we literally can’t see his eyes. HAHHAH.

We finally reached and it was time to take loads of photos!





There were limited rides that my kids could ride on (due to height restrictions) but that was alright for us as we were there to mainly explore and be exposed to the fun surroundings!

I must say that surprisingly, even though the rides seems to have a long line all the time, however the wait for each ride wasn’t that bad at all. It took us a good 20 min wait only for each ride we had. Unlike our previous trip to HK Disneyland.. it was pure torture, one hour per ride. >.<





Some rides were just a little too overwhelming for him..

We also visited Cinderella and the kids had a geez of playing a particular character as well. 😛



imageI totally wish i have a comfortable glass shoe/slipper like this..

Snacks as usual is a must for us to recharge. We totally dig this!




And ice cream as well.



I was lucky enough to have my son drove me for the very first time in a car race.


while daddy’s little girl drove him around and won the race. (sure win laa, she started driving before they blew the whistle).

imageAt the parade, the kids were overjoyed as the saw Disney characters live in action. image

Did i mention the kids loves watching toy story? Being a toy story fan.. they insisted to take photo with *kiss kiss* as they called these alien looking creatures. image

By the time we were done, it was already almost dinner time so we headed back and decided on something fast, and easy.

Coco Ichiban. How can we go wrong with these ugly but delicious meal, right?image




Once done feeding ourselves, we headed back feeling completely exhausted and in urge to recuperate for Day 6.