2015 Tokyo, Japan Day 1

Japan is a country to love. Who wouldn’t love Japan, anyway? The weather is amazing (completely haze free), the food is fantastic, the people are so courteous and kind, everything you see is out of the extraordinary… there’s isn’t a possible reason i could think of anything bad to say about Japan.

Our Journey began many months before the date we flew. I was so excited that i packed one week ahead.. planning what i need to get for the trip and not overloading the luggage with clothes that we probably wouldn’t need. The kids were extremely excited as well (mind you, this wasn’t their first trip..but 2nd) constantly asking… “are we going to japan tomorrow?” 

When the day finally arrived, we woke up rather early and set of for an adventure at wee hours in the morning and there were no whines, cries or even a complain.


Needless to say, both my monkeys were very much happily wide awake as well!



Our 6 hours journey went by without us even noticing. Once landed and settled out of the airport, it was about 4pm, our mission to hunt down good food begins. It has always been our family tradition.. good food comes hand in hand when we travel.

We first had to have our quick fix of onigiri.. *it’s totally ironic how rice and some tiny fillings can taste so good* image

Our next stop was to have this amazing bowl of *YUMSSS* (KaisenDon at Kabukicho, Shinjuku) I swear it tastes so good that i can even consume two bowls if i had not controlled myself. The kids themselves shared a bowl and consumed it up in a jiffy!!

It simply melts in the mouth with every single bite.. a sweet and salty mixture of ikura (salmon eggs) torro (tuna belly) and uni (sea urchin). The exquisite tastes was simply divine.. One generous bowl as such costs a good round up figure of RM50 (thanks to the current exchange rate). 


   Needless to say, after dinner… it was dessert time.. honey melon, ice creams, lasts but not least me and my kid’s must have yogurt before bed!


Stay tuned for Day2!



    1. Hi there! The name of the hotel is called southern century hotel. It’s located in Shinjuku. Extremely convenient as it is also near the station. 🙂 Hope the information helps!

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