Juicy baked fish on a bed of french beans + tomatoes

I love fish. I can eat them everyday with no complaints or whatsoever! (What’s not to love right? It’s delicious, it’s healthy!)

I decided to *agak agak* to try my way to create a healthy version of baked fish for dinner last night for myself and the husband.

imageRecipe for Baked Fish

-2 siakap medium sized fish

-himalayan pink seasalt

-olive oil (1/2 teaspoon for each fish)

-1 packet of french beans

– a handful of cherry tomatoes cut to halves

-half a lemon

-mince garlic (1 tablespoon)



First clean and descale the fishes and marinate in a teaspoon and a half of salt. Marinate for a good 30 min in the fridge. Meanwhile, soak and cut the french beans as well as cherry tomatoes.

After 30 min. Heat up the pan on high and pour in olive oil. Gently and carefully placed the fish in the middle and pan fry it for about 1 min turning the fish from side to side. Next, wrap the fish in foil and bake at 230 degree celsius for 15 min.

While waiting for the fish to be done, i added garlic into the existing pan (the pan i fried the fish) and stir fried french beans with tomatoes. Added a little bit of water inside to allow it to steam for 1 min before placing the vegetables on the plate.

By the time the fish is done, unwrap and placed the fish gently on top of the vegetables. I then sprinkled just a tiny bit of himalayan pink seasalt on top of the fish.Cut a slice of lemon and placed it beside the dish and dinner is ready to be served.

I love this dish and would definitely make this more than once. Surprisingly, the husband finished it without a fuss as well (he’s not a fish person). If you’re like myself, someone who loves fish, you will definitely love this. Totally healthy and delicious.



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