Monday blue Snack time Perk me up Recipe

It has been about a month and a half the husband and myself has been trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle by changing our eating habits as well as having a good amount of healthy activities done outdoor. We started going to the gym a good hour to an hour and a half per day trying to shed off excessive fats and build strong healthy muscles. With a good support of fitness team in our neighborhood we have gotten on track and stayed on track until we went on our holiday (well, holidays are meant to indulge, right? :p) 

Needless to say, after returning we are back to basics with our diet and fitness routine. Attached below is a personal favorite of mine and it’s simple and easy enough to make.

Please see below for recipe

breakfast snack

Monday blue Snack time Perk me up Recipe. 

1 Rye dill herbed biscuit bread (purchased from ikea)

A generous spread of cottage cheese

Medium boiled eggs cut into slices

organic cherry tomatoes chopped into quarters

sprinkle some salt and pepper

last but not least, slice some bananas on to your plate and you’re done to eat!

It’s simply a no brainer recipe but it’s so tasty that i just had to share. 🙂


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