AppleCrumby & Fish is on Halloween Sale

Today i had the privilege to attend a super awesome warehouse sale with my girlfriend @cheesie that i had just got to share!


Located in Kota Damansara, Applecrumby & Fish holds a variety range of branded baby essentials and their all on SALE up to 60%!!! 



As i entered the building.. this was one of the things that caught my attention.



Pretty cool, right?

As i entered, there were so many toys, food, baby essentials that i really just wanted to just grab them all because their really worth the price!






They even carry Bellamy Organic Milk! The closest formulated milk from Australia closes to breast milk. The milk powder that saved my life!

The themed event was done with so much effort!


Event details:
Date:30th – 31st October 2015
Time: 10:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M
Venue: Applecrumby & Fish Showroom
3, Lorong Teknologi C, Taman Sains Selangor 1, Kota Damansara, 47810, Petaling Jaya.



2015, Tokyo Japan Day 3

Been back home for a good 3 weeks and i am already missing the food in  japan already!

Day 3 of my Tokyo trip started with amazing Onigiri. These were bought at the convenient store at shinjuku train station, just a walk away from our hotel.


Needless to say, my kids loves the onigiri! image image

This is my all time favourite.. image

We had a great deal of things to EAT for that day on our list (Japan is all about food, food and more food for us). 🙂 We decided to wait for the human traffic to reduced before we headed out.. We headed to Harajuku soon after we finished with the mission to shop and most importantly to eat eat eat…


In Harajuku, the all time famous must try were known to be the Marion Crepes. I had the exact same thing back in 2010.. Click here! You can read about it. 🙂


This time around with the kids (knowing that they probably won’t be able to finish one whole crepe) i decided to get them an alternative. image


Their faces were simply priceless… endless smiles from the first bite to their last..

As for the crepe.. this is how it looks like.. folded inside with whipped cream, ice cream, syrup, bananas, strawberries, chocolate… its a complete full package of FAT FAT FAT in one package!! *but it was sooo worth it*image

It’s almost as big as my face.. no kidding!!image

We then walked around.. shop a little and soon after headed to eat Ichiran Ramen.


The above without chilli is for the kids. Don’t get me wrong, my kids were not sharing.. My boy finished one whole bowl himself.

The broth is made from pork but weirdly enough.. it didn’t have any porky smell like what we get in Malaysia. (which i can’t stand.. as some of you know, I’m allergic to pork.. but no worries…i had stood by some medication just in case of allergy reaction. YES I’M GOING ALL OUT ON THIS TRIP… ALLERGIC ALSO I EAT!) 


The egg was the BESSSSSSTTT…


Once we were finished we headed back to the train station to head back to the hotel to get some rest.. but on the way back we couldn’t resist the smell  as we walked past the The Famous Gindako Takoyaki!!!!!!! These were made fresh on the spot. image

Soon after, we headed back to the hotel and gotten ready for dinner time! 🙂

It was rather random but we simply walked into one building searching for good Yakiniku.. image

we had.. mushrooms.



this was their famous… but i didn’t really fancy it.. it’s beef mixed with a variety of vegetables.. however the beef seems to be so chewy (because its filled with fats.. some would call it collagen). After two pieces, i surrender and gave the rest to the husband to finish while i had the vegetables instead.image
For the kids, we ordered scallop porridge. Tasted pretty good! image

grilling these babies required some skills..imageanother plate of beef…because it was that good!image

This plate of beef was seasoned. I personally prefer the first plate of beef that we ordered.

And thats it for our food adventure for day 3.

Favorite Flash snack ideas for little humans.

Have you ever feel so routined with whatever you are making for your child to eat is always the same? As an asian momma it is very common for us to get stuck into the all carbs category for our tiny humans…Porridge, noodles and rice.

Well today, I’m going to share with you something a little different. These are a little bit westernized but i promise you it’s actually quite healthy. I’ve done so many research online plus trial and errors on my own kids and here are a few of my favorite snack ideas you can make for your child in a jiffy and it tastes pretty awesome as well! 🙂

peanut-butter-banana-sandwichPeanut butter + Banana sandwich

Slightly toast your bread and smack on some thick creamy peanut butter topped with some bananas.

*Optional* You can sprinkle some himalayan seasalt on top for additional flavoring or you can even do without it.

Pear + Avocado Sandwich pear-avocado-sandwich

Slightly toast the bread and spread a layer of avocado mixed with honey spread on top of the toast. Slice some juicy pear and add them on of the mixed avocado honey spread.

*Optional* You can sprinkle some himalayan seasalt on top for additional flavoring or you can even do without it.

strawberry-goat-cheeseStrawberry + English Muffin bun

Simply divide the english muffin buns into two. You can either spread some goat cheese on top or you can spread some whipped cream. Top this up with some strawberry/berry jam and add the strawberry fruit on top. It’s so easy and totally tantalizing to the taste buds.

Apple + Cheddar + Peanut Butter


Take a slice of normal sandwich bread and spread a generous amount of peanut butter on top. Add some slice cheddar cheese followed with some slice apples.

*Optional* You can sprinkle some himalayan seasalt on top for additional flavoring or you can even do without it.


Try them out for yourselves or your toddler and let me know if you like them as much as i do! 🙂

2015 Tokyo, Japan Day 2

The day started of as early as 6am! I totally forgot all about daylight savings in Japan (because its non existence in Malaysia) and worked my way up once the sun is up. I got myself ready, and soon after the kids and husband as well.

As always, the urge to eat when we’re in Japan is always on high alert. We went down to the convenient store and got a simple sandwich and yogurt before we started of our day. I’m always so amazed at how amazing their sandwiches are. It’s all so soft and fluffy.. i think it could be their water that seems to make everything taste that much better! 🙂 image

Day 2 was a long traveling day. A local japanese friend of ours drove us to Hakone temple to pray and show respects. It’s actually our yearly affair. A must for us as its known to bring us good luck, health and success in whatever we do/want to do.

On our way over, we made a quick stop for sinful SNACKS!

The journey took us about an hour plus before we finally reached out destination.



We walked and walked and walked…

That’s our little friend Jun Jun..


The above walking didn’t last too long.. soon..

imageThe husband regretted for not allowing me to bring along the stroller to Hakone.. and i’m sure you can see why!?! (I couldn’t decide if i should laugh or cry on his behalf.. hhahaha!)

After paying our respects and praying for blessed wishes we headed of to EAT EAT EAT! 



For lunch we had amazing sushi! It was our first official sushi in Tokyo and it will certainly mark an amazing memory. It was remarkably fresh and tasty that all of us just ate and ate and ate.



The day went by with loads more walking, some shopping and the hour plus ride back home..(no photos during shopping time) by the time we reached back to our hotel.. we were all exhausted.

I walked so much despite me wearing my comfortable shoes that i have a big blister just to prove it! But, its obviously all worth it! 🙂


The night ended rather simple but utmost fulfilling as we had burgers for dinner/supper!!! (super awesome overloaded.. i can’t even recall the last time i had a burger before this day) !


Can’t wait to do it all over again next year! 🙂

Ohh hello muscle*

imageWhoo hoo! Muscle is in the house* 

It all happened when one day, i accidentally stumbled upon knowing my overwhelmingly high body fat % that i realized i needed a change. Ever since becoming a mom health is an important element of my life. In order to get in shape and burn the fats, i refuse to give in only focusing on cardio.

I’m a lady and i’m not afraid to lift. The whole concept of lifting and bulking up has indeed given me the wrong ideas for many donkey years. It was after research and seeing my neighborhood friends drastically changed that got me motivated. Lifting weights as a woman, it doesn’t at all bulk you up.. instead it tones you up as our body do not have as much testosterone as men.

Ever since, my life changed….my diet, my beliefs, my mentality and needless to say, my looks as well.

I wasn’t all FAT to begin with, even after giving birth to 2 kids i bounce back to my usual weight in a jiffy.. but i did have a fair share of fats smartly hiding itself from the visible eye. 😉

imageI’m a momma, and my days can be rather crazy at times with my kids being around. So what am i doing to get lean and toned up?  Easy… 3 easy momma steps!

Increase Protein and Drop the Carbs

Eat healthy! I have decreased my carbs intake about 25-30% (not entirely). I still do occasionally enjoy my cakes, desserts and ice creams but i limit my intake of rice and noodles. Instead, i focus more on protein such as lean meat, red meat, seafood and good carbs like green vegetables, nuts and fruits. Balance is always the key. Nothing too much is gonna be good.

Resistance Training

Lifting weights is gonna do you good. You spend much less time getting tone when you have a good amount of muscle in your body. This also means the higher your metabolic rate would be and the more you burn. I usually spend a good 20-30 min on resistance training. Sometimes, if i don’t have the time to go the gym.. i make time at home! I do them long with my kids or husband.. Push up, sit ups, whatever i can do to get my muscles aching.. *thumbs up*

A little Cardio Goes a Long Way

I definitely am not a believer in running on the treadmill for 45 min each day. I just can’t do it. I don’t have the time nor will i have the mental strength and energy to be a  hamster. >.< Instead i spend a good 15-30 min on cardio 3 to 4x a week. (This includes playing with my kids, dancing or walking, anything that keeps my heart rate up a good 140 beats per min.) 

After saying all that, i would like to add that a good fitness gadget is also rather helpful. Something that sets a daily goal for yourself to target your daily steps, daily calories burned – both active and inactive, time of active exercises, daily distance walked. I have a apple watch (thanks to my darling husband) and it indeed is extremely helpful keep my daily goals in checked.

Wait no More! Pick yourself up! Kill those excuses and Get Fit and stay healthy! 🙂


2015 Tokyo, Japan Day 1

Japan is a country to love. Who wouldn’t love Japan, anyway? The weather is amazing (completely haze free), the food is fantastic, the people are so courteous and kind, everything you see is out of the extraordinary… there’s isn’t a possible reason i could think of anything bad to say about Japan.

Our Journey began many months before the date we flew. I was so excited that i packed one week ahead.. planning what i need to get for the trip and not overloading the luggage with clothes that we probably wouldn’t need. The kids were extremely excited as well (mind you, this wasn’t their first trip..but 2nd) constantly asking… “are we going to japan tomorrow?” 

When the day finally arrived, we woke up rather early and set of for an adventure at wee hours in the morning and there were no whines, cries or even a complain.


Needless to say, both my monkeys were very much happily wide awake as well!



Our 6 hours journey went by without us even noticing. Once landed and settled out of the airport, it was about 4pm, our mission to hunt down good food begins. It has always been our family tradition.. good food comes hand in hand when we travel.

We first had to have our quick fix of onigiri.. *it’s totally ironic how rice and some tiny fillings can taste so good* image

Our next stop was to have this amazing bowl of *YUMSSS* (KaisenDon at Kabukicho, Shinjuku) I swear it tastes so good that i can even consume two bowls if i had not controlled myself. The kids themselves shared a bowl and consumed it up in a jiffy!!

It simply melts in the mouth with every single bite.. a sweet and salty mixture of ikura (salmon eggs) torro (tuna belly) and uni (sea urchin). The exquisite tastes was simply divine.. One generous bowl as such costs a good round up figure of RM50 (thanks to the current exchange rate). 


   Needless to say, after dinner… it was dessert time.. honey melon, ice creams, lasts but not least me and my kid’s must have yogurt before bed!


Stay tuned for Day2!

Juicy baked fish on a bed of french beans + tomatoes

I love fish. I can eat them everyday with no complaints or whatsoever! (What’s not to love right? It’s delicious, it’s healthy!)

I decided to *agak agak* to try my way to create a healthy version of baked fish for dinner last night for myself and the husband.

imageRecipe for Baked Fish

-2 siakap medium sized fish

-himalayan pink seasalt

-olive oil (1/2 teaspoon for each fish)

-1 packet of french beans

– a handful of cherry tomatoes cut to halves

-half a lemon

-mince garlic (1 tablespoon)



First clean and descale the fishes and marinate in a teaspoon and a half of salt. Marinate for a good 30 min in the fridge. Meanwhile, soak and cut the french beans as well as cherry tomatoes.

After 30 min. Heat up the pan on high and pour in olive oil. Gently and carefully placed the fish in the middle and pan fry it for about 1 min turning the fish from side to side. Next, wrap the fish in foil and bake at 230 degree celsius for 15 min.

While waiting for the fish to be done, i added garlic into the existing pan (the pan i fried the fish) and stir fried french beans with tomatoes. Added a little bit of water inside to allow it to steam for 1 min before placing the vegetables on the plate.

By the time the fish is done, unwrap and placed the fish gently on top of the vegetables. I then sprinkled just a tiny bit of himalayan pink seasalt on top of the fish.Cut a slice of lemon and placed it beside the dish and dinner is ready to be served.

I love this dish and would definitely make this more than once. Surprisingly, the husband finished it without a fuss as well (he’s not a fish person). If you’re like myself, someone who loves fish, you will definitely love this. Totally healthy and delicious.

Whine me a river..

10251907_10152497643548092_4219158427144250286_nI love my kids so much. I would change the world for the better just for them. As they both grow, i gradually begin to admire their innocence, their courage, their adventurous attitude but needless to say, kids will always be kids. Every parent will eventually go through those amazing yet fabulous moments having them growing day by day beside you, and yet at times kids are naturally the instigator that drives us parents up the wall.

One of my personal trigger is The Whine! 

Let the Whining Begin!!!!

My children have learned a new talent. I call it the drive-momma-crazy talent. You’d probably recognize it as whining. “Momma, I’m bored” has turned into “Mommmmmeeeeee, I’m booooorrrrreed.” I honestly don’t understand why this happens, but I’m sure I must have done this as a child too. I’m trying to be a good mom and I refrain from whining back at them. “Whaaaat do you waaaaant to dooooooo?” Sometimes the whining isn’t even in the form of words. My kids will just grunt at me like little animals—like when its lunch or dinner time and i have prepared rice and not pasta. 1468555_10152345274118092_1196547712_n

Oh, it can be disastrous! I’ve actually tried a number of things, numerous methods and act both as a tame as a cat as compared to a lion. Obviously, some of them worked and some of them didn’t. Both my kids continue to whine. I hear that this will go on and on and on throughout their teen years as well. Oh, the joy and happiness these thoughts bring me.

No doubt, sometimes kids whine when they are tired. But i have realized that this isn’t always the case for my kids. Their natural talent yet amazes me as they stretch further into the toddler milestone.

Should You Ignore the Whining?

I have heard some parents suggest that you should simply ignore the whining child. I’d be surprised if that works for you. Ultimately, I disagree with that method, though that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. I simply see whining as a form of attention seeking. Unfortunately, this is considered negative attention and it’s a type of attention we don’t want to give. If we completely ignore the fact that it’s happening, we could be sending the message of “I don’t care” when the message we really want to send is, “I’ll communicate with you when you stop this negative behavior.” This message can easily be presented to an older child or teenager as is, but the younger ones may need a simpler explanation.

I’m still trying with my three-year-old son and soon to be five-year-old daughter. Occasionally they will taper down their whining a bit when I say, “Momma will talk to you when you can talk nicely with your nice voice” You don’t necessarily have to ignore them to get your point across that Momma isn’t going to take any action until the whining stops.

11269739_10153352855413092_3447059967680262319_nA Clever Way to Stop the Whining

Sometimes, my kids also will start the process of whining because they want something they can’t have whether the biscuits are all finished or a particular toy from the store that they already have at home. Doesn’t this drive you up the wall at times?!?!?!

I used to take the shortcut and distract them with something else, but i realized that it wasn’t teaching them anything. So i changed my method and tried (the ang mob style) explaining to them that I’m sorry they are upset about not being able to have things their way. Then I’ll ask them, “What should we do now about it?” And occasionally explain to them about sharing with each other or by explaining to them they have a similar or exact same toy at home. Sometimes, it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  The idea is to let them be responsible to resolve the issue. Once they realizes the issue can’t be resolved that very second, they are lightly to let it go.. *this usually works for my kids.. not too sure about yours though*

Stop the Whining Before It Starts

One thing i realized about whining is that while it’s not ever pleasant, we grown-ups might be perpetuating it. Have you heard this before?

“Mommy? Mommy? Mommy? Moooommmmy?” By the time we are on “Mommy” number four, we are at full whine. Oh, I’ve played that game before. My daughter outwits me when I get frustrated and snap at her: “Whattttt ?” And she responds with “I love you.” While this exchange is adorable, I could have avoided the initial whining if I’d simply listened and responded.

Don’t Give in to Whining
Finally, as i have lived in the whining zone the past 2 good years.. i’d like to say don’t give in to the whining. Yes, you should still choose your battles. If your battle is with the whining and not the situation, be sure to bend and twist. Like my son insisting to wear socks even at home just because he wants to look like daddy! “Honey, it really doesn’t matter if you wear your socks at home, but until you can ask me like a big boy, we won’t be able to have an understanding.” If this advice seems all too obvious, that’s because it is. The more you give in to the whining, the more the child will use it against you. Respect works both ways. I find that listening and speaking to my kids respectfully and then ask them to treat you the same usually works for the better. It’s tough and at times i do struggle as well (i’m no perfect momma). But going to bed after one full day of scream free daunting challenges with your kids somehow not brings the kids closer, but it keeps my mental state a lot happier!

How do you handle your whining child/children?

Yogurt+ChickenVocado Egg Toast.

I’m really no expert in the kitchen, but i do like to experiment with whatever ingredients i have and come up with a quick fix or what i call it the no brainer meals.

Breakfast is one of my favourite meals of the day. Starting my day with a healthy yet hearty breakfast somehow brings me better mood, more energy to enjoy and conquer my mornings with a stable, harmonised and chirpy mind. 🙂

Today, i’d like to share with you an extremely easy and simple yet protein filled hearty breakfast.
imageRecipe for Yogurt : 

-4-5 small pieces of dragonfruits

-handful of chia seeds and flaxseeds

-Almond and cashew nuts

-Greek Yogurt

Method :

Add a few good spoonfuls (5 tablespoons) onto your bowl, Followed by some dragonfruits, chaises and flaxseeds and top it of with the nuts. And.. thats it! 🙂

See i told you it was really easy! 

Recipe for Toast : 

-A slice of toast bread (i made two, of for myself and another for my hubs

-An avocado cut int0 halves

-Steamed chicken breast (marinated it overnight with salt, pepper and sake)

-One teaspoon olive oil

-An egg ( i prepared 2 one for hubs and another for myself)

Method : 

I’m quite a multi-tasker so i first toast the bread using my favourite toaster. Meanwhile, i steamed my chicken (takes a good 10min to steam) i then cut and prepare the avocados and used a non stick pan to heat up the olive oil to fry my eggs . Once bread is toasted, i gently placed the cut avocados on the toast. Then i added the ready steamed chicken breast on top of the avocado and my fried egg. I prefer my eggs to be slightly runny, so i had it cooked until white looks ready but the yolk still remain intact but wiggles when i move my pan. Once done, i transfer the eggs and place it on top of the steamed chicken.

Taddaa! It’s done…

I then sprinkle some salt and pepper on top just for taste. It’s easy, it’s tasty and i guarantee it’s healthy!

Go try it!

De Nail Addict


Nail pampering sessions are one of my all time favorite luxury. It was recently that i had the privilege of trying out the services at a nail parlor called De Nail Addict. Three beautiful young like minded ladies got together creating and sharing their talents.

Needless to say, the place was spaciously comfortable and their services and skills as well.


I was truly impress by the friendly manicurist named Yvonne, who patiently helped me go through the possible designs i could have for that day. 

Needless to say, i fell in love with their popular design above the instant i saw it, but would prefer to have a bit of a tweak to it.


It took me a while to decide but her professionalism and soft spoken character made me extremely comfortable.

After a good 15-20 min of consultation, we managed to decide on a design that i would like.


This is me feeling all snuggly and comfortable while the manicurist and pedicurist continue on with the tough stuff of buffing, polishing and designing pretty designs on the nails.






After a good 2 hours and a half, my nails for both hands and feet looked pretty and dazzling.




To try out their services, feel free to make an appointment at the contact listed below :

De Nail Addict 57

Activo Plaza, B-F-13 BlockB,

Jalan PJU9/1 Damansara Avenue,

Bandar Sri Damansara


Opening hours

Tuesday- Saturday : 10:30am – 8pm

Sunday : 10:30am -7pm.