Being a Happy Momma

Hello. I’m back.

As some of you may know, i used to blog. You can find my previous blogs here and then i started a which i somehow have accidentally deleted it.. and now it’s completely lost for good. (yes, that is a few years of blogging’s worth of post and memories) 😦

Hence, today shall be my introductory of returning but this time as Being not very tech savvy i think probably to have my blogs posted here might be a safer bet.

As a wife and mother, my goals changed as well as objectives over the past years. My priorities are most often my kids and as we mothers try to be the best mother we can be, at times we just get sucked into that moment where we lose ourselves and falls into the “MEAN MOMMA” category. Well, this has happened to me plenty of times as much as i hate to admit it. This got me to think…How to be a Happier Momma.

I’m no expert but i have realized every reactions is usually ticked by an action and there are actually steps to prevent this from happening. Here are my 5 mini steps.

Get enough sleep – I’m constantly going around my days and nights with minimal sleep. My days are taken up by chores, entertaining my kids, squeezing in some ME time for myself and by nightfalls my duty as a mom and wife is full blown on. By the time i’m ready for bed slightly past midnight and i wake up the very next day at 6:30am and my day starts all over again. So having realize so, sleep is one of my main trigger.

Go with the flow – I’m a complete control freak with cleanliness and anything to do with my kids. And often i overly push myself without realizing i’m actually causing stress to my body then the next thing i know, i’m sick again! Going with the flow and not having everything planned out can be healthy at times mentally as well as physically.

Savor the moment – To nourish positive emotions i believe in taking a moment to appreciate, the moment. Just mapping out two- or three-minute activities that you can do throughout the day to relish that moment. In the morning, for instance, instead of trying to do ten things, drinking a cup of coffee and notice what’s going on has helped myself to feel much calmer and appreciate what i have right in front of me.. my wonderful children — those chubby cheeks my son has, and the endearing things my daughter says — Be thankful.

Reading up parenting books – Yes, i’m one of those momma’s that reads. Sometimes teaching  kids can be tough and i sought to books to keep myself sane as well as understand their little minds better. This certainly has helped me quite a bit as well..try it, it might help you too!

Reconnecting with spouse – I often hear my spouse complain the lack of “US TIME” and sad to say its true. Being a Full time stay at home MOMMA of two kids kinda have left my other half feeling a bit neglected. Monday to Sunday often feels the same.. hence that spark is important to keep and maintain. It’s like the saying goes.. #happyhusbandhappywife

So that’s how i do it.. and it certainly has helped quite a bit. Try it, it may work for you too! 😉

i love my kids


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