My secret to Mommyhood.

Seriously, being a mom is no joke.
a hardcore career that works us 24/7
yet it brings priceless experiences
{the good the bad and the ugly too}

I spent my evening reflecting on myself.
Looking at my own life and where i stand.
One thing i’ve realized since becoming a mommy
is that “ME” time is far and few between.
I am left with little time to reflect, honestly.

Each day and every day,
i go with the motions..
a routine that i’ve practiced since baby Y was born
{after all, from all my readings, research and what i’ve been told babies should follow a routine}

And so, by the end of the week
I am exhausted.
BURNED OUT is the word.
And yet, as a good mom and wife
i suck it up and smile the day away.

I’ve learned that it takes time away
for me to be the best mommy {and wife} i can be.
I don’t mean ALONE.. but with the family.
A break every once in a while.
Time to rejuvenate my mommy soul.
Some can go without breaks..
Seriously, i respect you in so many ways.
But when people ask
“What’s your secret”?
I will tell you straight up…
Time for YOU..

This mommy gives 101%.
Nothing less {i’m serious}
And in order for me to do that..
I need a little “ME” time too.

Time to think things through.

To breathe.

Eat an entire meal {with no fuss}

Go to the bathroom in peace.

Most importantly, as a craft lover,

time for myself to be able to craft my heart out.

And occasionally, do absolutely NOTHING and love it


I also realize not everyone can have this time..
Thankfully, i have a husband that understands my needs,
and a parents in law with the heart of GOLD helping me entertain my little one
{so i can eat in peace an entire meal}
BLESS them!

*random shot of my rascal and i in disguise*


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