things you should know about me if we are going to be BFF…

Lately i’ve been receiving wonderful emails asking rather personal questions.. so i thought why not i write a post on things you should know about me if we are going to be BFF…

I’m rather short {ahhemm.. only 153cm} Couldn’t live without heels until the day i got preggers, gave birth and became a mom.

I’m allergic to Pork {it’s a rare case allergy that developed ever since i realize how much i hated the smell of pork}

I like anything that is pretty.

I pee, poop and bath in front of my hubby.

I love vegetables and any food that is healthy {yet i swear i’m not a health freak}

I am a germa-phobic and hand sanitizer are my best friend {*yo hubster, go wash your feet*}

I like the color white {easiest to match anything}

I used to work in the beauty and fashion industry {executives and development manager levels.. me no dum dum okaaay! }

I have a childhood habit of covering my face with a pillow when i sleep {what can i say, old habits die hard}

I love to eat pancakes but have never made pancakes {but would love to try one day}

I am never an accessory person {you can see me with the same pair of earrings for the longest time}

I treat everyone as my best friend that when hubster asked me who is my best friend i can’t seem to answer him.

Last but not least ~ I read every single comment you peeps leave – often multiple times {they are the reason why i blog}


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