new look for the mommy…

Photo on 2011 10 25 at 13 06

I should have been blogging more often lately and i’m sorry that i haven’t been keeping up to date with this. Lately, i’ve been tad busy with preparation of my new home and a demanding baby.
Everything else seems to have to be put on slow-mo until after all these packing, purchasing and unpacking. So please, bare with me as i try my best to slot in as many post as i can within the week.

Now, moving on to my fun post of the day!

I’m finally proud to admit after 10 months i’ve finally gotten back to my old self {size} again {and maybe gained a few extra bumps of muscles along the way}. Being able to wear back my old clothes feels freaking awesome!!

If you asked me how i achieved it? Well, i honestly have no clue.. Being a full time mom is indeed not easy mentally and physically. I take care of Baby Y myself {and i’m ubber proud of it} even though i tend to have her saliva, food and occasionally poop on my clothes, skin and hair. Seriously, it’s a blessing in disguise πŸ˜‰

As a mom, on a normal day you’ll prolly see me in leggings and a fitting T with my hair pinned up {to avoid Baby Y from tugging} with hideous looking strands of countless white hair sticking out. Nails that i’m too ashamed to even begin blogging about. Skin that is bare with nothing but moisturizer and sun screen.

And so, after so many weeks of complaining to hubster, i finally was granted a time out session {this means hubster will take care of Baby Y for as long as i need to get my hair fixed}.


Photo on 2011 10 25 at 13 07

I got a bit daring this round and colored it out of the normal range of colors i usually go for. And i have to say, as for now i’m quite loving this new color. πŸ™‚

What do you think about it? Leave me a comment.

Photo on 2011 10 25 at 13 08

O.M.G.. is that a strand of white hair that i still see?!?!



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