Capturing moments with DIY..


Every mommy has a secret.

It’s a secret dream that we all hope to be the first to witness.

Those first precious moments we wish to capture within our hearts.

Making fond memories of motherhood.

Yet to console our soul for those *down moments* that we all have to go through.

Baby Y is growing so fast that i simply need time to catch my breath.

I remember there was a point in time {a couple months back} that i’d wish for her to grow up faster..

to learn new things.. to be able to communicate.. to be able to walk.. talk… to understand.

Now i wish i can seize the moment every once in a while.

What better way to capture the moment with a DIY project.

Today, i’d like to share with all an amazing DIY project that is fun, easy yet meaningful to make.


Yup! Cool is totally an understatement!!!

I came across this amazing idea of making a soft photo cube for little Y.

You can put photo’s of yourself, relatives or even your baby.

{i think i’m probably going to make 2 or more of this.. one for Baby Y and one for myself with baby Y photos}

All thanks to wonderful In Between Laundry who came up with this brilliant idea.

Steps are so easily illustrated that you can even make it with your eyes closed {hahahha.. i’m totally exaggerating but you know what i mean}

Want more easy DIY fun ideas click here!


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