Hospitalized… and yet still recovering…

It’s been weeks now that both Baby Y and i had caught the bug. The irritating bug has caused us both one hell of an experience which i have learnt to embrace.

After about a week of sleepless night with cries and whines.. i finally gave in and admit both Baby Y and i to the hospital.

I wasn’t kidding when i said sleepless nights. Check out those puffy black eyes of mine. Being as sick as a dog didn’t help the situation either.

Admitting to the hospital is definitely one of the better decision made.

Baby Y had a full stretch of fun time breathing {and playing} with the mist thingi which they call a nobulizer {not sure if i have spelt it right} it basically helps to break down the phlegm and mucus so she can cough, vomit, and leak out from her nose easier.

We stayed there for a total of 4 days. Yet, have not fully recovered.

Today, at home {although still recovering} Baby Y at least can resume her daily activities..

Really hope that both of us can recover soon. It sucks being sick for so long.




    1. oh yes.. phlegm is horrid.. Baby Y has runny nose too.. thankfully it seems to be less thick compared to last week. Hope the bug will go away soon.

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