9 months 2 weeks and it happened…


{ahh, this is a happy photo but the post is rather the contrary}

The moment is finally here.
A moment every mom drags and wish to protect their child from having to go through it.
And yet, it is a process that all mom’s are required to go through.
Sleepless nights, whiny tears and loads of cuddles is only half I’ve ever imagined.

Baby Y has finally caught the bug after 9 month and 2 weeks. Flu,cough,fever,sore throat… It feels like a big bomb attacking her tiny body.


She cries and whine in discomfort.
Vomits. Coughs. All thanks to the phlegm stuck mid way her throat.Then cries again, hoping I can do something about it. Sigh.

In return all I can offer are endless cuddles of comfort.

It does kind of feel useless on my end even though I know it comforts her but as a mom, we tend to wish we could do more. To her my cuddles right now seems to mean the world.

This horrid virus didn’t just stop with my baby girl. It came to me and now hubster is trying to fight it off while his 2 girls {baby Y and I} both suffering in comfort in each others arms. Doctors informed that it’s been attacking little ones and many had to be hospitalized.


{that is me.. after 2 nights of mother duty while being as sick as a dog}

Today, my body really hit the toll.It lead me with a throat the swell up until i couldn’t hear nor could i speak properly {the voice just couldn’t come out} SO.. i decided that i have to see the doctor once again.

And, with that… i was given my fourth course of antibiotics this month!


Of course, doctor’s orders are to take plenty of rest and drink loads of water. {I had 7 litres yesterday – and i still feel crap okay} .. But seriously, with a sick baby in mind.. who can actually rest in peace {okay, maybe i’m just an obsessive mommy that’s why i feel like this}

Now, before blogging off to rest… here is what i’m also taking …Herbal beverages. They are my daily must haves to reduce body heat. Seriously, anyone out there falling sick or almost sick or is sick.. i highly recommend it! 🙂


Now lets all pray and hope that both baby Y and i can recover soon.

*hugs to all*


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