things you should know about me if we are going to be BFF…

Lately i’ve been receiving wonderful emails asking rather personal questions.. so i thought why not i write a post on things you should know about me if we are going to be BFF…

I’m rather short {ahhemm.. only 153cm} Couldn’t live without heels until the day i got preggers, gave birth and became a mom.

I’m allergic to Pork {it’s a rare case allergy that developed ever since i realize how much i hated the smell of pork}

I like anything that is pretty.

I pee, poop and bath in front of my hubby.

I love vegetables and any food that is healthy {yet i swear i’m not a health freak}

I am a germa-phobic and hand sanitizer are my best friend {*yo hubster, go wash your feet*}

I like the color white {easiest to match anything}

I used to work in the beauty and fashion industry {executives and development manager levels.. me no dum dum okaaay! }

I have a childhood habit of covering my face with a pillow when i sleep {what can i say, old habits die hard}

I love to eat pancakes but have never made pancakes {but would love to try one day}

I am never an accessory person {you can see me with the same pair of earrings for the longest time}

I treat everyone as my best friend that when hubster asked me who is my best friend i can’t seem to answer him.

Last but not least ~ I read every single comment you peeps leave – often multiple times {they are the reason why i blog}


new look for the mommy…

Photo on 2011 10 25 at 13 06

I should have been blogging more often lately and i’m sorry that i haven’t been keeping up to date with this. Lately, i’ve been tad busy with preparation of my new home and a demanding baby.
Everything else seems to have to be put on slow-mo until after all these packing, purchasing and unpacking. So please, bare with me as i try my best to slot in as many post as i can within the week.

Now, moving on to my fun post of the day!

I’m finally proud to admit after 10 months i’ve finally gotten back to my old self {size} again {and maybe gained a few extra bumps of muscles along the way}. Being able to wear back my old clothes feels freaking awesome!!

If you asked me how i achieved it? Well, i honestly have no clue.. Being a full time mom is indeed not easy mentally and physically. I take care of Baby Y myself {and i’m ubber proud of it} even though i tend to have her saliva, food and occasionally poop on my clothes, skin and hair. Seriously, it’s a blessing in disguise 😉

As a mom, on a normal day you’ll prolly see me in leggings and a fitting T with my hair pinned up {to avoid Baby Y from tugging} with hideous looking strands of countless white hair sticking out. Nails that i’m too ashamed to even begin blogging about. Skin that is bare with nothing but moisturizer and sun screen.

And so, after so many weeks of complaining to hubster, i finally was granted a time out session {this means hubster will take care of Baby Y for as long as i need to get my hair fixed}.


Photo on 2011 10 25 at 13 07

I got a bit daring this round and colored it out of the normal range of colors i usually go for. And i have to say, as for now i’m quite loving this new color. 🙂

What do you think about it? Leave me a comment.

Photo on 2011 10 25 at 13 08

O.M.G.. is that a strand of white hair that i still see?!?!

Capturing moments with DIY..


Every mommy has a secret.

It’s a secret dream that we all hope to be the first to witness.

Those first precious moments we wish to capture within our hearts.

Making fond memories of motherhood.

Yet to console our soul for those *down moments* that we all have to go through.

Baby Y is growing so fast that i simply need time to catch my breath.

I remember there was a point in time {a couple months back} that i’d wish for her to grow up faster..

to learn new things.. to be able to communicate.. to be able to walk.. talk… to understand.

Now i wish i can seize the moment every once in a while.

What better way to capture the moment with a DIY project.

Today, i’d like to share with all an amazing DIY project that is fun, easy yet meaningful to make.


Yup! Cool is totally an understatement!!!

I came across this amazing idea of making a soft photo cube for little Y.

You can put photo’s of yourself, relatives or even your baby.

{i think i’m probably going to make 2 or more of this.. one for Baby Y and one for myself with baby Y photos}

All thanks to wonderful In Between Laundry who came up with this brilliant idea.

Steps are so easily illustrated that you can even make it with your eyes closed {hahahha.. i’m totally exaggerating but you know what i mean}

Want more easy DIY fun ideas click here!

Hospitalized… and yet still recovering…

It’s been weeks now that both Baby Y and i had caught the bug. The irritating bug has caused us both one hell of an experience which i have learnt to embrace.

After about a week of sleepless night with cries and whines.. i finally gave in and admit both Baby Y and i to the hospital.

I wasn’t kidding when i said sleepless nights. Check out those puffy black eyes of mine. Being as sick as a dog didn’t help the situation either.

Admitting to the hospital is definitely one of the better decision made.

Baby Y had a full stretch of fun time breathing {and playing} with the mist thingi which they call a nobulizer {not sure if i have spelt it right} it basically helps to break down the phlegm and mucus so she can cough, vomit, and leak out from her nose easier.

We stayed there for a total of 4 days. Yet, have not fully recovered.

Today, at home {although still recovering} Baby Y at least can resume her daily activities..

Really hope that both of us can recover soon. It sucks being sick for so long.


9 months 2 weeks and it happened…


{ahh, this is a happy photo but the post is rather the contrary}

The moment is finally here.
A moment every mom drags and wish to protect their child from having to go through it.
And yet, it is a process that all mom’s are required to go through.
Sleepless nights, whiny tears and loads of cuddles is only half I’ve ever imagined.

Baby Y has finally caught the bug after 9 month and 2 weeks. Flu,cough,fever,sore throat… It feels like a big bomb attacking her tiny body.


She cries and whine in discomfort.
Vomits. Coughs. All thanks to the phlegm stuck mid way her throat.Then cries again, hoping I can do something about it. Sigh.

In return all I can offer are endless cuddles of comfort.

It does kind of feel useless on my end even though I know it comforts her but as a mom, we tend to wish we could do more. To her my cuddles right now seems to mean the world.

This horrid virus didn’t just stop with my baby girl. It came to me and now hubster is trying to fight it off while his 2 girls {baby Y and I} both suffering in comfort in each others arms. Doctors informed that it’s been attacking little ones and many had to be hospitalized.


{that is me.. after 2 nights of mother duty while being as sick as a dog}

Today, my body really hit the toll.It lead me with a throat the swell up until i couldn’t hear nor could i speak properly {the voice just couldn’t come out} SO.. i decided that i have to see the doctor once again.

And, with that… i was given my fourth course of antibiotics this month!


Of course, doctor’s orders are to take plenty of rest and drink loads of water. {I had 7 litres yesterday – and i still feel crap okay} .. But seriously, with a sick baby in mind.. who can actually rest in peace {okay, maybe i’m just an obsessive mommy that’s why i feel like this}

Now, before blogging off to rest… here is what i’m also taking …Herbal beverages. They are my daily must haves to reduce body heat. Seriously, anyone out there falling sick or almost sick or is sick.. i highly recommend it! 🙂


Now lets all pray and hope that both baby Y and i can recover soon.

*hugs to all*

blog stalking fabulous finds

{Hubster bday card}

I’ve been in touch with my creative side ever since i was a child and the creative hype intensifies when i was preggers. Now it seems to have intensifies x 5 {i’m not kidding}.

It was during my post-pregnancy that i discovered the wonders of stalking creative bloggers. I was {and still am} thrilled to find so many creative friends around the globe. It was a way for me to search for inspiration to grow {be more than just a mom and a wife… a.k.a do something better with my life}.

Today, because YOU clicked on my blog.. i want to share with YOU my top 3 inspirational favorite tutorials by talented and fabulous bloggers i love. These talented ladies totally inspire me in so many ways {simply more than words alone can describe}.

Don’t believe me? See below and you’ll know why!

Picture Blocks by The Idea Room

How adorable is that!!! .. and did i mention, it is totally easy to make! Seriously.. i can’t wait to try this one out! Works as a fantastic gift too for friends, parents or even grand parents {imagine those happy grins}. Check out their site for easy steps and more on other exciting tutorials.

Distressed Alphabet Art by Delia Creates at Happy Together

My eyes popped wide open when i saw this! I totally want to make this for Baby Y’s room {when she gets one}. It looks so unique with a stylish touch of its own. Something you can certainly not buy from any shops out there.

Singed Flower And Knee High Headband by Craftaholic Anonymus

Don’t you just find this so pretty? Another cutesy must make for Baby Y {the perks of having a baby girl}. Now this one seems a tad bit more complicated, but it is definitely a can do with the easy peasy given instructions.

Feeling inspired yet?

{link back into the comment section if you have any tutorial you would like to share or if you have attempted any of the tutorials given here}

Happy Crafting! 🙂