a day in a life of a mommy : Imagined vs. Reality

When i was preggers, i had this wonderful image in my mind of how wonderful and magical a mommy’s day would be.
I envisioned a full and eventful day of quirky smiles and loads of oooo’s, aaaa’s, and of course a full day of cuddling, giggling, shopping…

I imagined a typical day would go something like this..

8:30 a.m. Baby Y begins to coo beside her mommy. She gives me a sleepy cheeky smile as I cuddle her a little longer.

9 a.m. Baby Y gets her doze of milk *no fuss* {she loathe the taste of milk until recently…} and goes back for an hour morning nap while i catch up on my beauty sleep.

10 a.m. Baby Y is awake and ready for play time in the play pan while mommy takes a quick bath and freshen up.

11:30 – 12 noon Baby Y is ready to enjoy a nutritious and well-balanced lunch of rice cereal and a fruit.

1 p.m: Bath time.. who doesn’t like bath time followed with an obsessive mom spending the next few hours are dressing Baby Y in the most adorable outfits, to head out for lunch at 1U with a few other ‘mommy kaki’s’ while strangers stop to admire my smiling and patient baby. As for me, I am dressed in my most *chio*-mommy looking outfit with my coordinating diaper bag and stroller. Teenage girls are looking at me thinking, “When I grow up I want to be a mommy just like her” because I make this look good and easy having a child {that’s how I imagined it anyway}.
4 p.m. Baby Y drinks a bottle of milk and falls into a peaceful sleep in the stroller car seat while I head to the grocery store to pick up some things for the gourmet meal I’ll be cooking later that night. Lil Y continues to snooze while I shop, unload the groceries and prepare the meal. 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. The little doll wakes up from her nap just after all prepartion is done. I give her a snack while we cuddle together on the couch reader her favourite book. Soon after,i place her in the play pen where she proceeds to entertain herself for the next hour while I finish preparing dinner and sit down to enjoy it with the hubby. After dinner, Baby Y gets her meal for the day. Once done, Daddy and Lil Y goes out for a stroll in the park and heads off for *splash* time in the bathroom. Daddy then sits with Baby Y and plays with her until she begins to yawn, ready for bedtime. Mommy and Daddy smooches goodnight, tucks her in and sleeps till 8:30am the next day.
9 p.m – 11 p.m. Mommy and Daddy spends time cuddling, eating supper while watching the latest movie on DVD and catching up series.

{How totally glorious the life of this Mommy}

And now for Reality…

9 a.m. Feels a wet tiny fingers touching my face. From the corner of my eye i reluctantly pull my lids open. {ahhh, yes.. the tiny pleasures of seeing my lil bub staring back at me with big round eyes. Yup, she’s awake.. i drag my feet out of bed and run along to the next room to make her a bottle. While i make her milk, she’ll play the ‘look mommy i can stand game’ right at the corner of the bed. {just what i need to give me a heart attack} Running back to be by her side would be the next thing in mind so clumsily i rushed back with her milk. She’ll lay right back on her pillow all ready for her first bottle of the day.

9:30 a.m. We head to the next room (a.k.a the TV room) and into the play pan where she sits and play with her toys while i run to the toilet to have a quickie {and that includes brushing my teeth, bath, comb my hair} – all these in HAVE TO BE DONE IN 10 mins tops!

10 a.m – noon. Cuddles Cuddles Cuddles… we cuddle while watching her favorite channel while laying on the floor {our sofa’s are basically just not usable at this point in time} Once she’s bored, we move on to reading her books.. {yes.. she has many stack of books}. With whines and cries.. she demands for her morning nap. It takes about 45min to settle down and finally fall asleep. This is when i head out to the study room and simply be inspired about the things i want to craft and the things i want to write about in my next post. About 30 min to an hour later she’ll be up.. just in time for her snack in her rocking chair {cereal, milk, fruit and a 1/2 a biscuit}. She usually out do herself during this time by showing me how she’s independent and adorable {because she can get away with mischief up her sleeves} when she spits her food onto the chair, floor, her hands, legs, my face and hair.

noon – 4pm. Bath. I usually bath her earlier {if i’m heading out} but on a normal basis when i’m home Baby Y bathes around noon {that’s also when the water pressure is on high}. I carry her into the changing room and wriggle her out of her clothes. She’ll put up a fight with screams, whines and tears because she wants to be in the TV room to watch her favorite channel. But of course, No Can Do! I placed her in her tub and thankfully she’s quiet when she see’s her favorite ducky in the water with her. She’ll be curious with the shampoo’s and soaps laying around and try to take them in to play. Just as she reaches out… it’s time for her to come out. And here we go with whines, fake tears and lots of screams. Quickly i reach out for her toy to keep her occupied while i squeeze out nappy cream, baby oil and baby lotion and apply. Putting on her clothes is another challenge as i got to be her personal juke box singing all her favorite songs… Once done, it was time to comb her hair. Her hair is always tangled {thanks to those fine lovely curls} and we usually spend a good 10 min sitting there trying to sort her hair out applying olive oil and hair detangler. She’ll be too busy putting whatever she can grab to put into her mouth by now {daddy’s hair gels, mommy’s hair clips, daddy’s extra comb} Once done, i bring her into the TV room where i place her into her play pan.

By now, i pretty much look like this..

From the corner of the room i will peek at her while i spend a good 30 min catching up on reading blog posts from a few of my favorite mommy bloggers cryst , kari , pimp my trike , Pink Berry Shortcake , gin and jacqie … Usually by the time i’m done it’s time for Baby Y’s nap. Putting her to zzz is nothing speedy or immediate.

There will be alot of this…

before she is finally…

4 – 6 p.m. This is when i spend my ‘me’ time blogging or crafting {brain storming on how to build the next project, if i have enough time to meet my dead line orders, dream and be inspired to head one step further to be more than just a mommy and wife material} while having a quick lunch with either one of my free hand. After about an hour or two {if i’m really lucky} i will hear a little stretch coming from the room next door {yes i have super sharp hearing} Baby Y is up sitting on the bed looking around for her mommy with sleepy eyes. I give her a bottle and of course I couldn’t resist so we end up snuggling for a while more on the bed till she’s really up banging her hands on the window behind the bed. By now it is time for Grandpa and Grandma moments… {aka baby Y’s distraction while i quickly prep for her dinner} I’m one of the lucky mommy’s as i do not have to prep dinner for myself or my husband. I have a wonderful, loving and understanding mother in law who does the cooking for us. 🙂

6 – 9 p.m Husband comes home and Baby Y screams in excitement while giving her daddy the biggest smile. Baby Y knows how exactly to get what she wants {daddy’s attention}. Daddy will then bath and spends quality time with Baby Y, while i spend time doing a little spring cleaning {washing up Baby Y’s mess} around the house. Once done, Baby Y gets dinner {salmon, potato, carrot, cereal} We spend dinner with the Grand Parents while Baby Y uses her Baby Walker to explore around the house {or shall i say screaming out loud while chasing the poor dog around the house} Once done, daddy takes Baby Y for a bath {yes i have a perfect husband enjoys spending time with Baby Y and helps me with baby chores… i love you hun! } Again, Baby Y has her routine of screaming, and crying taking of her clothes and putting them back on again. Once done, we put Baby Y back into her play pan {or play area} while its my turn to head for a bath. By the time i’m done.. Baby Y wants ‘mommy time’ which includes lots of pampering {snuggles, cuddles, kisses, hugs}.

9 – 11 p.m Baby Y will give ‘the yawn’ {a signal which says its time for bed}. I’ll make her a bottle and she’ll demand to drink it on the bed with her snuggly holding on her left while the bottle on the right. Once she’s done, she’ll have a few sips of water and after a good whole hour, she’ll finally be asleep. Exhausted. Mommy switches on into ‘wife mode’, goes to whichever room daddy is in and collapse. As our eyes meet, we both share exhaustion and happiness…

Because at the end of the day this little doll is our entire world and no amount of exhaustion can change that. No amount of exhaustion can compare seeing her smile and put her arms around me for a kiss, to watch her grow and discover this world, to look at her precious little face realizing how lucky i am for she has shown a kind of love that i never knew possible. So as i frequently say these days.. all in all.. it is totally worth it!


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