A mothers heartache…


It took me long enough to decide whether I should post this up.. My own personal heart breaking experience in dealing with my daughter who has torticollis.

Firstly, what the heck is torticollis?!?

Torticollis is also known as tilted neck. There are various factors leading to this issue but for my lil bub it was due to the small size of my tummy leading her to have space issue therefore eventually she was squished up inside me and her head just became tilted that way. It is kinda sad to learnt that my lil bub having to go through this because of my small size tummy. But we still have to go through this stage and rectify the matter before it’s too late.


Currently, she requires to go through 2 sessions twice a week and each session she is required to go through 3 stages of stretching.


Each stretch is not suppose to be painful however she still cries and fight to be free from the therapist and nurses in the room..


It is a terrifying and heartbreaking moment for me whenever I hear her scream her lungs out wishing to be in my arms than to be on the table having to stretch her neck and head. I have to constantly remind myself it is for her own good.

Prepare your heart before you click here!

Seriously, no mother can go through such traumatizing cries.. Worse part is, we are still unsure how many more treatments/therapy is required. It might be weeks or months before we rectify this issue.




  1. oh dear… hope she will get better.. i bet the stretching is working. little ones are incredibly resilient. just trust them and know that she will get better!

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