My lil Yuna at 4.5 months young!

This is my precious daughter and she’s grown bigger since my last post.
It’s been a crazy roller coster ride being a full time mom. It is certainly not at all an easy task. If anybody asks me about my motherhood life, i can complain about my lil bunny till the skies turn grey..yet no matter how difficult she is and can be at times.. it still doesn’t at all change the way i feel about my precious lil one.

Despite having to sacrifice a lot for my lil one… With every choice there’s a new path of glory and happiness.

As my lil princess grows older, she’s grown more fun to play with! Her favorite song is ABC’s and she loves it when you read to her or teach her new things. Her hands are your ‘yummy popsicle’ which she loves sucking on em’ till someone removes em’ from her mouth. She’s the most friendly lil doll whenever she sees new faces (except when she’s sleepy or hungry) and you’ll hear her trying to strike a conversation with her goo’s, gaa’s, and ahh’s whenever you try talking to her. She’ll also add in her precious lil smile at you if you bribe her by smelling her feet. *YUP* my lil doll loves it when people smells her tiny feet and tell her how it smells like!

Although there are good and precious moments for having a lil one… there are also the scary side of things…

Recently, my lil pumpkin is being a fussy lil queen once AGAIN…
She refuses to drink her milk and me being a mommy do what’s best by trying to figure out what on earth could be the problem?!?!
– could it be she’s teething?
– maybe its time to change the teat?
– perhaps she wants to try some solids?

*Oh gawd, if she doesn’t eat she’s going to have a tummy ache…colic… ohh nooooo!*

With many different trials and errors.. and talking to a million mothers out there… i tried whatever possible solution there is to get her to start eating… and i’m hoping that i’ve finally got it right by adding cereal into her milk while gradually increasing her dosage again. (She usually drinks 5oz.. but recently only 2.5-3oz…and now 4.5oz with cereal)

*hopes her dose will increase and not decrease as she’s going to be the next power puffy girl in town*

*fingers cross*



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