Goodbye Rambut Putih!

Argghhh~ rambut putih!!!!

What to do when you realize age is catching up and your hair is turning white?!?

I pulled out a total of 7 strands of white hair (probably there is alot more) while i was grooming myself early one day. Despite freaking out.. i know it is time to find the perfect dye!

I would have gone to the salon to do it usually, but with a baby it ain’t easy especially when it takes hours to get all glamour with the new colour.


Therefore, i decided to DIY! I’ve heard both bad and good reviews about Liese and decided to give it a go!


I chose dark chocolate (not so daring for bright colours la) unsure of what the outcome might turn out to be like.

My hair surprisingly has two tone before colouring it. Too much chemical adventure in the past i believe. >.<


And so i got started.

The directions on the box was rather straight forward and soon i started to look like this.


Banyak ‘funky’ when the foam lathers up.. not to mention the smell as well! eeeks*

Taa Daa…

IMG_3754 IMG_3757

For starters, the colour wasn’t too light/bright. It was evenly distributed making my hair now to be all one tone. Down side, i find that it is seriously drying to the hair.. now my ends feels so frizzy! >.<

But on the brighter note… No More white hair! Tee hee hee*



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