Hello my precious little moonflower – Baby Yuna!

Time is so limited these days even though i’m stuck at home during confinement doing nothing but taking care of lil Yuna. Never in my life did i imagine taking care of ‘our own child’ can be so breath taking tiring!!!! My endless sleepless nights continues as lil Yuna slowly learns to adapt into this world. I wanted to post this many weeks back but obviously i wasn’t able to find ‘the right time’ to do so~


This is me 3 weeks ago with Baby Yuna inside of me. I was admitted on the 23rd of December with much anticipation in meeting Yuna on xmas eve. Everything went on smoothly as per planned.

Although fears of giving birth was on my mind most of the time i couldn’t help but to smile when i think of meeting my daughter for the first time.

Very reluctantly, i changed into those ugly green looking gowns and waited to be rolled into the operational theatre.


Once inside, my thoughts went wild! I was so terrified about everything that was about to happen. Thank god i had an excellent doctor who kept me calm throughout the whole process.

Once i was drugged~ everything was heavenly perfect!


And the next thing i knew~ my lil Yuna is born into this world!


Priceless moments…


Me and my lil moon flower.


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