Preggers Update : Part 9 (Week38.6)



This is probably the last post i’ll be posting about my preggers update considering the she is finally coming out tomorrow!

It is ironic how the brain works. When i was in the early stage of my pregnancy, i’ve always wished for ‘THE DAY’ to arrive! Now, i wish i can skip the whole step of giving birth and jump to the part where i hold my baby yuna in my arms.

Reality is, the day has REALLY finally arrived! Fact is, I’m super terrified!!!! I can’t sleep at night till 3am.. and i feel like puking every time i think of what i’ll have to go through in the operation room!

The grand arrival of my little would be on xmas eve morning. I am a little excited but i am more terrified on the whole process before i get to hold her in my arms.

Not exactly sure if it was the wisest choice made but i decided to read up a little so i’ll know what to expect for tomorrow.

Epidural :


Once prepared for the epidural procedure the anesthesia team will come in. This may be just labor and delivery nurse and the anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist. Typically everyone else will be asked to leave while epidural is placed. In some hospitals, doulas are allowed to stay for the procedure, but not your husband.

Will be asked to assume a position that will help the anesthetist find the landmarks on the body needed to place the needle correctly. This maybe sitting up on the edge of the bed leaning over and pushing the back outward or it may be laying on the side curled up in a ball, also pushing the back out. The position is uncomfortable because of the belly in the way.

The back will be washed and a shot of a numbing agent will be given before the epidural. Then the epidural needle is placed into the epidural space around the spinal cord. A test dose is given to ensure that the epidural is in the correct place. Once this test is done the medications are set to a continuous drip. A small catheter is left in place to deliver the medications continuously throughout labor. This catheter is taped up the back so that it is difficult to remove without trying.

May be asked to lay in certain positions for awhile as the medication works with gravity. Nurses will also have your blood pressure monitoring every few minutes, continuous fetal monitoring and other monitoring to ensure reaction is well with the anesthesia.

Once numb, a urinary catheter will be placed because we can’t go to the bathroom.


Cesarean Section :


Pulling out my bravest face, i pack my bags and now am waiting to head to the hospital. It is likely that tonight i’ll be given a little ‘something’ to hopefully help me get through the night and sleep and probably dream of my little princess arriving tomorrow early morning.

Here’s my motivation to get through whatever it is i have to go through tonight and tomorrow~ My sweetheart is so adorable!


*Dear god, thank you for giving me such precious gift. Your early christmas present is always going to be treasured by both me and my husband very dearly. I pray hard ….please let baby yuna be heavy, chubby, beautiful and healthy*

Much Love!


Preggers with Baby Yuna Update : Part 8 (Week 37.5)


As the days gets closer the more freaked out i am! As of today, i’m 37.5 weeks pregnant!

I am due so soon ~ its just a matter of days now. Baby Yuna on the other hand is growing very well. She has grown chubbier all around until she has no space to move. Almost every visit to the doctors we were unable to see how she looks like as all her comfy spots covers up her face. During the most recent visit to the doctors, she already weighs 2.9kg and is still growing! woohooo~ *so exciting to see her grow bigger and heavier* No doubt it has become a daily challenge for me with a heavy baby in the tummy it gets rather uncomfortable when sleeping and walking. But its all worthy~

…. however, my thoughts were a mess a week back when the doctors told me that baby yuna is currently in breech position and needs to have a Csec instead!

how is that possible? whats wrong with my little angel? why isn’t she turning? All the millions of questions popped in and out of my head.

The doctors has given me time to wait for a miracle to happen. It is a 95% possibility for her to make a big summersault and have her head turned down now and her time is running out. 3 more days to go is all she have left and by the 18th of December we have to book a date for the big day.

Mentally i’m still prepping myself. We’ve picked the date and time for the surgery. Somehow i have a feeling she’s won’t be turning now and a Csec is the method she wishes her mommy to have her out in this world.

I used to think that epidural was bad! And that it will hurt like hell plus. But now, what scares me the most is that Csec is going to be done while i’m awake but half paralyze! Did you know the procedure actually takes between 30 min to an hour!!!! How is that not scary? Gotta be awake the whole time!!! Now as i compare epidural with a Csec, i think epidural is peanuts for the few seconds of pain.

Non the less, the excitement that i will be seeing my little angel in a few days time still hasn’t exactly kicked in to me yet. On the contrary, everyone else around me seems to be more excited, especially the daddy to be! Taking things one step at a time is all i can think of. To go through that one hour operation is what i need to do first before any other feelings can come through to me.

Although so~ Baby Yuna knows that her mommy loves her very much and will do just about anything to bring her in this world safe and sound.