Preggers with Baby Yuna Update : Part 6 (Week 30.5 weeks)


Another pregnancy post…

I’m obsessed with my growing belly and feeling Baby Yuna tickling me inside out. Best part is, she does it a few times everyday! *Such a blessing*

Lately, i’ve grown to love wearing my old clothes while i laugh at myself looking in the mirror …when my baby T is left with too little cloth to cover my growing bump. Call me crazy but i actually find it cuteness max!!!

In my previous post as i mentioned, Baby Yuna is growing and has chubby cheeks weighing around 1.4kg! (not sure if thats considered small or big) Check out the video taken during ultrasound. 🙂

Now i’m eagerly waiting for a chance to catch my little princess doing this in the next couple of weeks before she arrives.


How cute is that!!!!


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