The Business Of Being Born


Hi everyone~ 😛 I have officially bloated up and look like an elephant.

The husband is out of the country and will be back by Monday. Things seems to be great for me even though i’m staying alone with the in laws. My mother in law has been extremely warm taking care of my welfare and cooking nutrition for both me and my baby. I sincerely appreciate her efforts in bonding with me as well as to keep my mind of missing ‘the husband’.

As my pregnancy gets closer to the end i am getting a little paranoid with just about everything and anything. My hormones are raging..i cry.. i bite..i binge.. and i’m constantly tired. Obviously these are all symptoms that comes with being preggers but yet i still am enjoying every moments of being pregnant.

My knowledge on babies and understanding my body is unfolded by the unlimited resources obtained from the internet and books, i would like to highly recommend those who’s already in the mids of their pregnancy or planning to get pregnant to watch this movie/documentary..

IMG_2470 IMG_2473


No matter how much we read can never prepare ourselves mentally. However, after watching this…My perspective totally change as i learn more about what lies ahead of me and my decision making in the next couple of weeks.

Baby Yuna now sits at being 31 weeks old (in the womb) and she’s actively hiccupping, dancing, jiggling and wiggling inside of me. An amazing feeling it is! She’s going to be growing cuter and chubbier in the next couple of weeks as my recent visit to the doctors says she already has chubby cheeks.  She now weighs 1.4kg while she is about 20cm from head to bum a.k.a length of body (forgot to ask how long is she including her legs).

The feeling of becoming a parent still feels so bizarre to me! I guess no one can truly prepare themselves until they are a parent. Non the less, as days passes by.. the more eager i am to see my little angel while i cradle her in my arms.



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