10 Reasons Why I love being Preggie!


Thats me at 28 weeks preggie! Being Preggie has both ups and downs… however, after completing my 2nd trimeseter…i feel my ups over run my downs. Here are 10 reasons why…

1) The daily movements of Baby Yuna moving in my belly is simply priceless.

2) You can eat as much as you want and don’t feel bad about it because it is part of your ‘CrAvinGs’

3) The extra treatment you get for being preggie everywhere you go.

4) Talking to Baby Yuna, seeing and playing with  her while she responds back.

5) The pampering session when the darling husband gives you a back, leg and feet rub after a long day.

6) No excuses. I NEED my afternoon nap!

7) Seeing Baby Yuna during doctor’s visits gets me feeling all happy and blessed.

8) The darling husband’s reaction when he feels and sees the baby moves in my belly is a million dollars!!!

9) To learn about the growth of the bump and my little princess.

10) Laughing at myself as i wear my old clothes and compare how different it looks then and now.



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