The Business Of Being Born


Hi everyone~ 😛 I have officially bloated up and look like an elephant.

The husband is out of the country and will be back by Monday. Things seems to be great for me even though i’m staying alone with the in laws. My mother in law has been extremely warm taking care of my welfare and cooking nutrition for both me and my baby. I sincerely appreciate her efforts in bonding with me as well as to keep my mind of missing ‘the husband’.

As my pregnancy gets closer to the end i am getting a little paranoid with just about everything and anything. My hormones are raging..i cry.. i bite..i binge.. and i’m constantly tired. Obviously these are all symptoms that comes with being preggers but yet i still am enjoying every moments of being pregnant.

My knowledge on babies and understanding my body is unfolded by the unlimited resources obtained from the internet and books, i would like to highly recommend those who’s already in the mids of their pregnancy or planning to get pregnant to watch this movie/documentary..

IMG_2470 IMG_2473


No matter how much we read can never prepare ourselves mentally. However, after watching this…My perspective totally change as i learn more about what lies ahead of me and my decision making in the next couple of weeks.

Baby Yuna now sits at being 31 weeks old (in the womb) and she’s actively hiccupping, dancing, jiggling and wiggling inside of me. An amazing feeling it is! She’s going to be growing cuter and chubbier in the next couple of weeks as my recent visit to the doctors says she already has chubby cheeks.  She now weighs 1.4kg while she is about 20cm from head to bum a.k.a length of body (forgot to ask how long is she including her legs).

The feeling of becoming a parent still feels so bizarre to me! I guess no one can truly prepare themselves until they are a parent. Non the less, as days passes by.. the more eager i am to see my little angel while i cradle her in my arms.



10 Reasons Why I love being Preggie!


Thats me at 28 weeks preggie! Being Preggie has both ups and downs… however, after completing my 2nd trimeseter…i feel my ups over run my downs. Here are 10 reasons why…

1) The daily movements of Baby Yuna moving in my belly is simply priceless.

2) You can eat as much as you want and don’t feel bad about it because it is part of your ‘CrAvinGs’

3) The extra treatment you get for being preggie everywhere you go.

4) Talking to Baby Yuna, seeing and playing with  her while she responds back.

5) The pampering session when the darling husband gives you a back, leg and feet rub after a long day.

6) No excuses. I NEED my afternoon nap!

7) Seeing Baby Yuna during doctor’s visits gets me feeling all happy and blessed.

8) The darling husband’s reaction when he feels and sees the baby moves in my belly is a million dollars!!!

9) To learn about the growth of the bump and my little princess.

10) Laughing at myself as i wear my old clothes and compare how different it looks then and now.


One Year Anniversary. 10/10/10


It’s been a year already!!! Time flies so quickly in front of our eyes and next year at this very same date, day and time i’ll probably be holding my little daughter while i celebrate my 2nd year anniversary.


The husband and i had pre planned to fly out to Thailand, Krabi for our anniversary getaway this year. We needed a break from civilization and take time to relax, eat and spend time just the both of us.


We stayed in a 4 star hotel which is just by AoNang Beach. In just 3 min from our room we were already by the beach. The view, the breeze, the salty smell of the sea was simply refreshing.

IMG_2879 IMG_2880

the view of the room






the view of the toilet… not very nice 4 star i feel.. but its presentable.


the balcony view


we were served free complimentary fruits

Just along the villa we were staying had a variety of local shop attracting tourist like us. It was a long stretch of shops which took me more than 2 hours to complete walking (with the slow pace i’m walking in)


The food in Thailand was simply awesome!!!!

IMG_2892 IMG_2898 IMG_2899 IMG_2897 IMG_2895





IMG_2974  IMG_2981 IMG_2979 IMG_2977



Our trip was filled with massages too… (it was so freaking cheap)


and of coz plenty of ~ romance with plenty of hugs + kisses.


Our first night there we headed out to watch Thai Boxing.


It was totally brutal in my opinion. It was a 2 hour event with about 16 fighters taking turn to fight against each other. Some were even bleeding while some were bruised up badly.


Our second day, we had breakfast in the villa. The food although it wasn’t exactly Thai style but it was really yummy!

IMG_3025 IMG_3026 IMG_3018 IMG_3020  IMG_3024

We then decided to head out for a stroll by the beach.. it was awesome especially when the wind blows towards you! 🙂

IMG_2921 IMG_2927


IMG_2951 IMG_2960


By night falls, we headed out to Krabi town to visit the walking street (which was like a night market with loads of FOOD)


I had a really good time there checking out handcrafts too!! 🙂





The food here was simply divine…

IMG_3002 IMG_3005 IMG_3006




IMG_3008 IMG_3009


IMG_3014 IMG_3017 IMG_3016

We ate so much like there was no tomorrow!!!

Our holiday came to an end by the third day. Coming home was a little sad for the both of us because we really did had a good time there. Maybe next year we may consider Phuket! 😉


Happy One Year Anniversary Darling (10.10.10).

Power Mom


As i patiently wait till the day i meet my little princess ( 86 more days to go ). I can’t help but to ponder what kind of life i’ll end up living as. What’s going to happen to my life, my career, my dreams. Must i give up all as i enter into motherhood?

I stopped working for the professional industry for almost 3 years now. During these years i had the pleasure to venture into all sorts of business opportunities that came my way. Meanwhile, i was exploring into the different lines and possibilities of new hobbies and interest with all the time in the world in my hands. I tried anything and everything that came my way.. until i realized that i was going to be a mom.

The first 5 months of my pregnancy was not easy with dizzy spells and endless vomiting. (warning to all women : morning sickness means vomiting at all mornings from different time zones). Well, during that stage i felt so cheated thinking that it will be just the morning. Non the less, i began to enjoy my second trimester more when i became 6 months pregnant. By this time i was free from vomiting but i had other pregnancy symptoms to conquer. ‘FORGETFULLNESS’ is one of it. I’m no longer as sharp as i used to be and it seems as though my brains just refuse me to remember things. IT SUCKS BIG TIME!!! Today, as i move into my third trimester i am still trying to overcome my pregnancy symptoms and i heard there’s more on the way including crazy weight gain, water retention and many more.

Non the less, i can’t help but to ponder what am i going to do after my baby pops out from me. Am i really going to be just a ‘mother’ ?!?! A housewife?!?!

The term ‘housewife’ reminds me of a career that i told myself never ever go into! But sad to admit, it seems that way.

People say, once your baby is out you’ll have a new perspective of life and ones would do anything to be a housewife and stay at home with their little ones. Then again, personally i think that is just not me. What happen to self satisfaction and the sense of achievement? Wouldn’t one feel useless and backdated if we were to only revolve our life around our children? Before i was pregnant, even though i was part time doing my own little thing i still had time to learn more new things that i was interested in. Embarking in my creativity side, fashion, language and health. I was able to try new things and to explore various area to find my passion of drive in life. Thanks to my ever wonderful husband for being supportive. Is it wrong to continue doing so with a baby on the way? Or when the baby is here?

As a mother i want to mould my own children.. to guide them into this world.. to love..and to lead them to a successful life ahead… what better way to set the perfect example for her through my own actions and achievement, right?

As i ponder deeper, i visualize myself on doing something other than being a mom… having a business but with flexi hours so i can be a stay at home mom is something that i will need to put my next focus on. At the same time have a sense of financial stability and achievement for myself. I seek for strength and growth in oppose to be stagnant after having children. Although saying so, i have my limitations as i ponder in deeper into my thoughts for a solution.

I wonder how my next journey in life would be. I hope one day i can be a Power Mom.