Preggers with Baby Yuna Update : Part 5 (Week 26)


I’m totally enjoying the being preggers! I love my bump and it’s growing bigger each day. This is the recent photo i’ve captured at 25.3 weeks. Baby Yuna is growing big and strong now.

Our recent visit to the doctors were enlightened when we were able to bring home along with us a photo of Baby Yuna. This is how she currently looks like.


The photo isn’t 101% clear but it was good enough for us to catch a glimpse of her! 😉 Who do you think she looks like?

Baby Yuna is doing so well. She has strong movements now and she gives no mercy to her mummy. Check out this recent video i managed to capture. She woke me up from my afternoon nap and i managed to stretch over to get my iphone to capture the priceless moment. Keep your eyes wide open from 10-20 seconds. Her kicks were CRAZY strong!!!!

Stay tuned for the next update!!! 🙂



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