Preggers with Baby Yuna Update : Part 5 (Week 26)


I’m totally enjoying the being preggers! I love my bump and it’s growing bigger each day. This is the recent photo i’ve captured at 25.3 weeks. Baby Yuna is growing big and strong now.

Our recent visit to the doctors were enlightened when we were able to bring home along with us a photo of Baby Yuna. This is how she currently looks like.


The photo isn’t 101% clear but it was good enough for us to catch a glimpse of her! 😉 Who do you think she looks like?

Baby Yuna is doing so well. She has strong movements now and she gives no mercy to her mummy. Check out this recent video i managed to capture. She woke me up from my afternoon nap and i managed to stretch over to get my iphone to capture the priceless moment. Keep your eyes wide open from 10-20 seconds. Her kicks were CRAZY strong!!!!

Stay tuned for the next update!!! 🙂


Surprised Raya Friday… A day filled with Adventure & Love

It was indeed a special day with a visit by a little bird outside our gate…


Raya Holidays this year was indeed a sweet yet memorable one for me too!!!

Being preggie there isn’t much i can do! This also means, i can’t travel to far, i can’t sit too long, i can’t walk too much and the list goes on and on and on..

Non the less, the sweet husband prepared a little suspicious trip which kept me guessing till the very end~

We woke up early on the first day or Raya and headed out to our first destination : Our first breakfast date as a married at Sunway Resort Hotel.


Breakfast there has always been our favorite. They not only have a wide selection of choices but they also serve the amazing croissants and eggs!!!

We then headed up North. The ride was full on anticipation on my part where i kept on playing the guessing game where we might be heading. Could it be Penang? (naahh… it can’t possibly be… considering that he knows i can’t sit in the car for so many hours) Could it be Genting? (hmmm.. possibly.. considering he told me to bring a jacket… but we’re both wearing such thin clothes!)

The guessing game ended once we turn off to Bukit Tinggi. LOLX.


Our first stop was to visit the Rabbits!

IMG_2753 IMG_2746

We caught one couple rabbit humping each other..

IMG_2748 IMG_2749


we also saw donkeys… and they were smelling each others butts!!!


We headed further in.. and came across..




a.k.a French Village..

IMG_2765 IMG_2766


Honestly, there wasn’t much things to see~

We then headed down south… i was still trying to guess where we are going next. Our bags were all packed in the boot and i’m sure we were definitely not going home!




Once we have checked out the room. We both take turns to catch our breath…


He’s so SKINNY!!!! S.H.I.T!!!!


I’M SOOO FAT!!!!!!!! F.C.U.K!!!!!!!

We then headed over to Pavilion for lunchies!


This Mee Goreng was seriously awesome!!!!!


Once done~ our trip continued… and the sweetheart bought me to..


It was my first time there.. I KnoW i’m So outdated!!!

IMG_2780 IMG_2779

should i stand here or here???

The is obviously great up there.. but with my weak heart and Baby Yuna still inside of me.. i decided not to go up! Ok.. in other words~ i freaked out because i’m terrified of heights!!!

We then headed to ChinaTown.. but it began to rain therefore we detour back to the hotel for our ‘Romantic Snuggling Moments Together’

As the the moon lit~ we got dressed and i had to shut my eyes for our next destination for dinner. Thank god the drive there wasn’t too long..



The food was amazing!!


IMG_2796 IMG_2802 IMG_2806 IMG_2805 IMG_2807 IMG_2808

Once done… being a Friday night.. we headed down to our usual Friday Spot for a round of dancing before heading back to the hotel. Thank You love for a beautifully planned little tour.