July and Birthdays

July is the month of birthdays for my family. It was first my brothers birthday (1st July) followed with mine (5th July) then my mother in law (16th July) and my grandmother in law (17th July).

Thats alot of BIRTHDAYS in one month!!!

As usual, a Yeo family tradition me and brother celebrates our birthdays together. 🙂 This year was extra special as mom made it extra grand by cooking heaps of food for us. My mom said, it’s the last year before turning into a mother and she a grandmother. *gasp*

*a yummy selection of home cooked food*
















of coz… there was also the cake!!!


another year older, hopefully another year wiser too!



I was lucky this year to have had 2 birthday celebration. One was with my brother and another with some close friends.

A pot luck event which turns into a surprise birthday for me totally took me off guard that i ended up pouring and drowning myself in tears. (i blame it on the hormones) I never in my life thought i’d cry so hard infront of so many people. Totally *SHOCKING* Totally hideous if you had seen my red tomato face that night.

Another big surprise i had was a jaw dropping present from the husband.




What can i say~ This momma is one very lucky lady! 🙂 My birthday this year indeed has topped many birthdays i had for many years before. Thank you everyone and THANK YOU MY LOVING HUSBAND. Me lovey you too! 🙂


Preggers with Baby Yuna Update – Part 2 (Week 12)

It was during my last visit to the OB that i had my monthly scan. Baby is doing well and growing fast. It’s really amazing to see my little darling move inside of me.

This video was taken by the husband. He was so excited about the baby that his main focus was not in taking the video. -_-

Non the less, i shall let you observe the clip for yourself.


Sometimes it’s just nice to be a sweetheart.


I had my mission in mind for a while but i kept it to myself. It was during one of the trips where the husband was not around that i did this~

#1. Anti-Bacterial Wipes.


Sometimes romance is good to bring smile across the face. 🙂 Even though really, the present was just anti-bacterial wipes it didn’t stop the big smile across his face when he saw it. I would have wrapped it in a nicer wrapping paper but the head was spinning so much that i could hardly drive.

#2. Perfume.


As many weeks passed by, the husband has been really loving and totally perfect in calming my neurotic + dramatic hormones down. So a little gift to show my appreciation is the very least i could do.

My little effort well paid off~ the husband was totally overjoyed! 🙂