Preggers with Baby Yuna Update – Part 1 (Week 11.4)

Being Pregnant is tough. 😦

Thank god!! My vomiting symptoms has finally improved. I still do throw up~ but no longer as often as i used to. Non the less, i still do have my dizzy spells haunting me hourly. So that sucks!

Complexion wise also sucks big time! My face is now filled with breakouts thanks to our friend progesterone. 😦

I’m so looking forward to the moments where i can say~ I am enjoying my pregnancy. So far, it’s impossible for me to utter those words. *grumpies* BUT~ i am indeed getting fairer each day (how ironic right). As of today, i’m like 5 shades fairer than i used to be. It is probably the only thing i’m looking forward to now~ pregnancy = fairer skin! Can you imagine how fair i would be after month 9!!! *woots*


Non the less, the tummy has grown bigger. Check out the latest growth!

Say hello to BABY!!!


These days, i have been reading a lot of pregnancy books. This is one of the few wonderful books i obtain my resources from. 🙂 Notice how the bump is peekaboo-ing into this world? lolx.


This is the frontal view of my belly. My belly button feels like being stretched from inside out!!! And of coz, i had to remove the belly ring for better comfort. 🙂




As you can see, the belly is really growing! And Growing FAST!!! I still do miss my flat belly but the whole idea of another tiny human growing inside you is simply a blessing. 🙂

Wouldn’t you agree? 🙂


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  1. Wauw your belly is growing. Happy to see you in the video. Miss you babe.. Take good care of yourself and the baby. Say hi to Andrew from me. Love & Light, xxx

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