The Naked Truth.


Naked Truth #1

As my life ticks on~ I think i’ve grown to be a sinner. It is rather sad when i think about how un-groomed i’ve slowly become. I’ve grown lazier each day to bloom my face with colors and needless to say, i’m walking around looking like a pale little girl with zits, white heads and blackheads on my totally naked face. Seriously, these days these things on my face has basically turned my face and life around. (Thats why i have to use my old photos *above* as my face look so shit these days that new ones makes me look like omfgfuggly!)

Did you know~ that when ones do not apply makeup they not only look unpleasant at a certain angle but they somehow make ones look younger. Really Wan!!! It has been months i have put nothing on my face and when i walk out and around to the mall, bank or to work~ i realize that people mistaken me for a teen! (not exactly sure if i should take it as a sarcasm or should i take it as a compliment especially when the fine lines and wrinkles are totally visible!). Non the less, it makes me question why is this so? Despite that i look totally sick and obviously ‘chan max’ especially at this current point.

Don’t get me wrong. I totally feel that Makeup are wonders. I love to buy makeup! I love to watch people put makeup. No doubt i love to feel and look pretty too!!! But to wake up extra early just to paint my face or curl my hair is to me a darn effing hassle laahhhh! Once a while is okay~ but everyday isn’t that like FML too much trouble?!?!?!  I wonder how many ladies (except japanese ladies) actually do this? How long does it take a women to stylo mylo herself up on a daily basis? Or how long SHOULD it take a women to stylo mylo herself up everyday? How long do Men wait for their ladies while they dress up? Should every women wake up an hour earlier just to beautify herself every morning?

It makes me curious am i the odd one out? Am i loving myself less for not putting the effort to dress up? Would my husband one fine day wakes up and realize my face is so naked + unattractive and run away? *gasp*

Another point i realize is people treat you differently from the way ones look. When ones are all dressed up, people treat you more superior or in other words take every word you say seriously, whereas when you choose to dress down wearing an old t-shirt and your favorite pair of jeans people will choose to treat you otherwise. As much as i hate to admit it, people are sometimes just judgmental creatures which takes two steps too quick to judge another.

Do YOU ever feel or experience things like this? Or is this simply the basic fundamental of lack of confidence?

Anyway~ lets move into another naked truth a.k.a

Naked Truth #2.


As i wait for the moment to come, it never did come. As i shyly hope for an angel to come by ~ i prayed discreetly.

I have been so sick lately and there is a reason behind it. Sick to my guts feels like spilling out from the inside and it sucks. I couldn’t lift my head off the pillow for weeks and i felt as though i was going to die every time i do so.

So i did what i had to do about a month plus back.


The Results


(I know laahh~ many of you must be thinking right now… why didn’t i tell you.. well, you know laahh the chinese pantang larang thingi) But i cannot tahan adi laahhhhh… 😛

So what now?

As many knows my business has just started. (TOTALLY WRONG TIMING LOR) Now thanks to my morning sickness which is from all time zone i’m totally unfit to even drive out of the house! (9am – 9pm). The toilet has been my bestfriend for the pass couple of months both day and night. AND No i’m not exaggerating here. I seriously have no idea how those pregnant ladies work and carry a baby inside of them with mood swings + nausea + dizzy spells + vomiting like nobody’s business both day and night. HOW TO TAHAN!!!!! So, me and my partner have decided to let go of our shop.

Business as i mentioned has been excellent. Made a great amount of profit on the first month itself but like i said~ totally wrong timing lahh~ (How did i know god is like so kind to me.. say want to have baby close to immediately can get adi wan). I know some people tried for many months/years before they actually have a baby! I didn’t realize i’m one of the lucky ones. Non the less, it is indeed a blessing. 🙂 Maybe god has other plans for me, right? 🙂

I wish i can continue on blogging but my dizzy spells are coming back. So i shall save the rest of the goodies to the next post. 😉

*love & peace*



  1. lol Congratulations again and don’t worry, the dizzy spells and constant toilet trips are supposed to cease after the first trimester…

  2. Congratulations Sweetie.. Hope your morning sickness wil fade away asap… Lots of Love & Light to you.. xxx

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