KaniDoraku – The best crabs in Japan

Japan is a country to love. Back in Osaka we had the chance to try these amazing crabs.

Remember my post i wrote where i visited this amazing restaurant that serves a variety of crabs on my first day in Japan? Well, today i’ve decided to blog about it…

*you can find the previous post here*


KaniDoraku is what it was called. The food is absolutely amazing with a unique presentation of a variety of crabs served to please the taste buds. It was my first time (which means also my first experience eating crabs served with a bit of twist rather than our usual Chinese style crabs : examples – cheese crab or chili crabs in Malaysia/Singapore.  So i was indeed excited. 🙂

We ended up ordering this set x2 as we decided to go without rice for dinner.


These i believe are called the Hokkaido crabs. 🙂


This is our starters side dish. It is some sort of eggplant. Tasted nice to me laahh~ i like purple stuff. HAHAHAA!


We then had a unique selection of crab made sushi specialties.. honestly, i don’t know what is each one of them called but they are truly amazing.


We also had a selection of crabs to BBQ.

IMG_1402IMG_1403  IMG_1385

See~ once it was cooked it looks smashingly yuummiesssss max!

We also had fresh as hell crab sashimi. However, aku tak tahu makan laaah~ so i didn’t really fancy this so much lahh… it was my first time having crab sashimi. lolx.


Crab Chawamushi. This taste really like heaven. 10x better than any normal Chawamushi i’ve had so far. 🙂


Crab slightly cooked and chilled to be eaten with Wasabi. Personally i love this too. I am after all a crab lover. 😉


Crab eggssss and cooked crab meet. AWEESOOOMM!!!!


I think this dish took me a good 15 min of slowly peeling and eating. lolx. The husband and i barely spoke a word as our focus were all on the crabs. 😛

IMG_1389IMG_1394 IMG_1391

Last but not least~ Rock melon as desserts. 🙂


*Loves* Highly recommended if you head over to Japan. 😉


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