2010 – i heart JAPAN Day#9

The weather was slightly better today. When i said slightly better i meant that there were few minutes in a day where the sun was shining and the rest of the day it was so darn cold with freezing icy wind. >.<

Our trip gets closer to the end by the second. There is so much we have done and there is so much we still want to eat do.

This was how corny we were and what we did on our early start of our 9th day.


squeeze through a crazy crowd of people. IMG_1976

To finally reached our destination..


We spent a couple of hours walking around and ended up not buying ANYTHING. Seriously, things in japan is not that cheap lor~ everything is like so sexpensive wan! >.< So, we decided to eat instead. 🙂


This was what i had~ Charbroiled OyakoDon!

IMG_1980 IMG_1981 IMG_1982

Bloody the yum yum, can!!! 🙂


We then headed down to Harajuku again. This time, we were hoping to be able to catch the cross dresses. Guess what~



we did! 🙂

IMG_2002IMG_1991 IMG_1994 IMG_2001  IMG_1997 IMG_2003

They look so funky* i swear by my life you will definitely NOT see me dressed up like that in public!?!??!!? >.<

By the time we were done in Harajuku, it was dark. This means~ din din time! 😛

For dinner, we had this~

IMG_2006 IMG_2004

Can you guess what this is? Ring any bells???


10/10. It was awesome. I had my set with Kimchi. Totally delightful. 🙂

Once done, the weather was just unbearably cold that we decided to run along back to the hotel instead to call it a night.







The Husband : Dear.

Me : Yeah?

The Husband : Errm, Doughnut is fattening hor?

Me : HAHAHHAHAHA… you want to eat?

The Husband : Dowan laah.. pleasse laahh.. ve
ry fattening wan.

*10 min later*

Me : hubBbbeeee… let’s go get Doughnut? Come laa…. i teman you…I feel like doughnutting..But can i have a Choya too?? This means more calories for me..

The Husband : Dowan laaa.. later i fat laaahh~

Me : You SUUREEEEE?!?!??! I have more Calories than you worrr…

*he pauses for 10 seconds*

The Husband : Hmmm… Oklah Oklaah… lets go.


And so we did~ however, instead of getting dressed~ he pulled his sweater and sneakers and said lets go while i wrap myself over and over and over again with the thickest possible clothes i can grab my hands into. >.< 


Yes~ he is wearing his sleeping pants!!!

The Husband : Don’t worry, we’re in Japan.. this is call Style*


I couldn’t resist but laugh my butt off~ check out our fashion style!!! I’m like a penguin and the husband is like a banana in pajama. lols.

Rambut pun tak sikat* >.<


Once we reached the ground floor.. the husband took a run to Krispy Kreme.



It was so funny lor~ we were freezing in our undies. Seriously,  it was darn cold.. you can see how thick that stranger is wearing infront of the husband.

No matter how shy we felt .. it wasn’t so bad.. coz nobody knew us. Why bother right?!?! Ironic thing is, nobody seemed to notice or even care. lols.


10 min later, the boy came out running heading back to the hotel to get my Choya~


Ohhh yea~ for this.. freezing our asses off is definitely worth it!!!




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