2010 – i heart JAPAN Day#7

The weather sucks big time in Tokyo. It has been raining the whole day and worse part is it is freezing cold. Therefore, we decided to forgo our trip to Disney Land. 😦

Instead of just staying at the hotel we decided to make the best of our day anyway~

The husband searched the book for places we can go by not being outdoors under the cold rain~


While i…


Enjoyed my hot macha between my legs. lolx.

We ended up deciding to self tour around Asakusa for tempura. So off we went~ as we passed the shops.. i saw how beautifully everything in Japan is being presented.. for example.. check out how creative florist they have.


So pretty. Everything is just so pretty. Makes me want to buy everything home. >.<

We then came across ….


I gave him the most adoring look i can make. He asked, you want one? I smiled. He looked at me smiled and grins… 🙂 Off he went to buy one each for the both of us.. 😛

IMG_1826 IMG_1830


Fulamak~ damn sedap lorrrr.. it has cheese inside somemore..

We finally reached our destination. It took us about 30 min train ride and approximately 20 min walk (including the time we had to find the place).

By now~ we were hungry again. :s


We ordered and 15 min later we were served.


Nahh~ this doesn’t look like any ordinary tempura..



Verdict : Looks good right? Like damn amazing Tempura. Well~ It is totally overrated lor… it tasted like marmite fried tempura.

We then romantically shared one pink umbrella and walked along in the rain. We came across a temple called the Sensoji Temple. There were so many people around even though it was raining. >.<


My husband, the tour guide then wanted to bring me to Akihabara to check out gadgets *which i soooo lovveee*


There were so many choices of gadgets, games, comics, costumes and even porn. >.<

We walked along the colorful streets with our eyes opened as big as we can to absorb every little details.



Guess what caught the husband’s attention. lolx


Wallaaauueehhh~ He smile like there’s no tomorrow. Can see?


Yes Maid Cafe. This is where girls dresses up as maids to serve their master. >.<

We went up and we were both served for an hour. >.< Honestly, i think it was so stupid lor~ they play games which are like those ‘dum dum’ games which
i don’t even understand.. But it was a good experience even for me. Don’t get the wrong idea now, there wasn’t any hanky panky or weird stuff happening. 

We were not allowed to take any pictures of them but i did my fair share in taking pics of the drinks they served.


See.. it is damn cute.


Just before we left… we took a picture using the maids camera. HAHAHA.. the husband damn happy lor…. i wonder why~  -_-



Yes~ we were all doing the heart shape symbol. why? err.. kawaii i guess.  -_-

He then asked me if i want to go to a Butler’s Cafe. *Shows a disgusted face and Shakes Head*

Then, we headed down the streets of Harajuku. Heaven for Shoppinggggg babeyy~



We headed back to the hotel guilty as charged. >.<

IMG_1871 IMG_1873

Once we left our shopping bags at home, it was time for dinner.

HUNGRYILY we went for Shabu Shabu. Since coming to Japan, our food seems to digest so fast~ every 30 min feel hungry adi. >.<


The poor husband was so hungry and the cold weather didn’t help. We finally decided to try this set.


It wasn’t the cheapest dinner we have had neither was it the most expensive.. but it was definitely worth it.

Every Single Bite!


We were given Sashimi for starters. IMG_1879

Check out their scoop. Cuteeenyyaaa~


The beef is so to die for~


Vegetables, noodles, mushrooms.. you name it we got it.

We dumped everything we have into the soup.


Once the ‘liew’ is all in our tummy.. we threw in the Udon.


The soup was damn tasty and so was the Udon. It tasted so sweet yet addictive.


We were then served with dessert. Yummmieeeesssss*

After dinner, despite the cold and wet weather which seems never ending we decided to have a walk along the happening streets of Tokyo.

IMG_1896 IMG_1894 IMG_1895

FML! I actually ‘pok kai’ from trying to take pics in the wet rain for my blog. >.< no~ i’m not kidding. 😦

We headed on home with my wet bum, jeans and  panties.

As we walked along home.. i was telling the husband about how Kripsy Kreme melts in the mouth at every single bite. I bragged about how in Australia the queue is always crazy long and how it is a must try for everyone.

Guess what…


He took his first bite and now he’s hooked. Soon he’s going to be a Si Gemukins! HAHAHHAHA.


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  1. Not to worry too much, there’s a Krispy Kreme waiting for him in Times Square KL if he’s still not sated. =D

    You missed Tokyo Tower in Asakusa? No pics? hehehe

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