2010 – i heart JAPAN Day#5

Today is Onsen day~ 🙂


We chose to travel to an Onsen located in Gunma which is about 3 hours away from Kyoto by train and bus. Our traveling experience has improved by now as the husband has accustomed himself to reading the maps and train route.

*what ever am i going to do without him*


For 3 hours, we do very little but read, sleep and EAT!!!

IMG_1697IMG_1680IMG_1684 IMG_1685 IMG_1689 

When we got out of the train station.. this was what we did…

So, i took the laminated schedule in the English version to see.


We then had to change..

IMG_1788 IMG_1718

And get ready for our Onsen sessions.

Obviously i had no intention of going into the mix (men and ladies) Onsen. I had to protect my precious jewels from the unknown opposite sex.. >.<

This is the ONLY WOMEN Onsen.. *Small but very warm*


There were also an Outdoor Onsen, however i wasn’t alone there at that time therefore no camera’s were allowed. heh~ BUT it was amazingly beautiful with the sakura tree seating just at the edge of the hot spring.

After an hour or so of Onsen~ the husband and i decided to head out to capture some photos of the beautiful place..

IMG_1730 IMG_1744


We were freeeezzzzinnggggg* The snow was still very visible as you can see. :S

We headed inside soon after and waited for dinner to be served.


Dinner was served to us personally in our room. Check out what we had~ Some of it was my first attempt. >.<




Looks like Raw Ikan Bilis.. but i had a hard time swallowing it!!!


Turtle/Tortoise Soup!


Sashimi, Tamago, Vegetables.


Errr.. no idea.. something salty.


I just swallowed the whole dish without asking. >.<


A variety of Vegetables. 🙂


This is Beef! It was absolutely AMAZING!!!








This i like. Wasabi Cucumber!


We also had ICE CREAM!


There were so many choices.. These are just some of them.    &
#160;       *to many to post them all up*

Once dinner was done.. we went for more ONSEN! It can be rather addictive.. especially when it is one of the method that can help to keep us to keep our body feeling warm. lols.

When it was time to sleep.. they placed our mattresses out for us.


It looks really comfy.. however, i think my mind was wondering with images of The Ring, The Eye, Ju On… FML! I couldn’t sleep. >.<

In no time~ it was already… bright outside…


Non the less, it is a good experience.. The Onsen i mean. Heh~

Will be heading back to Tokyo and hopefully the weather is not going to be so cold. :s


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2 thoughts on “2010 – i heart JAPAN Day#5”

  1. It Looks like a great trip.. And you both do look you are freezing… MMmm and the food.. If i have the chance, love to go to Japan too.. Enjoy… Lots Of Love & Light….

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