2010 – i heart JAPAN Day#1


The boy and i are currently on our honey moon-ing trip to Japan. Flew in with Singapore Airlines and we had the priviledge of sitting the new big ass plane. (paiseeh~ i dunno what is the plane called but it has suites, upper deck and lower deck wan.)

The view was abso-effing-tastic! Minus the wing* >.<


I even get to have my own little personal corner for my backpack right by my side. 😉


And obviously~ there were the movies and games.. lolx


We reached our hotel by 3pm (japan time) after changing 3 different trains after we have landed ~ and now we’re currently exploring the town of Osaka! So far~ i have to admit, despite the age..the ladies in Japan are superb in doing their make ups and have a funky way of dressing. So far… i have not seen any black hair Japanese girl. If there are *they must have been hiding coz i really didn’t even see ‘satu’ of them. Almost all of them has colored hair yet their hair looks amazingly healthy. wtf do they do.. i have no idea.

(Tomorrow i shall try my attempt #1 to learn to stylo mylo more and start with the basics with sexy eye makeup. lolx.)

However… the food is soooo crazy delicious….. i’m so serious about this. Even the sushi’s i bought from the kiosk by the station taste damn good too. It is sooo addictive somemore… i started with eating just ‘satu’… then… aiihh~ you see for yourself how many i ended up eating..





Did i mention~ they have fillings inside.. and it is damn nice wan.

IMG_1321 IMG_1338 IMG_1339

Which one is which.. hahahha.. you got to ask my stomach. lolx. 🙂

Even though we reached rather late.. we did do a couple of things like visiting a few amazing places… but of coz~ Obviously eating was one of the main things we did. 😛

IMG_1333 IMG_1417 IMG_1419 IMG_1334 IMG_1325 IMG_1342 IMG_1349

Seriously, the food in JAPAN is DAMN GOODDDD!!!!!

We also visited this place~


butttt~ i shall blog a separate entry for it. 😉 *it is abso-effing-lutely-awsome* lolx.

ANDDDD of cooozzz~

Some of the places we visited~


HAHAHA.. you got that right!!! SAKKUURRAA babeeyy*

IMG_1368 IMG_1380

IMG_1358 IMG_1416

yes~ you didn’t see wrong.. the pic before the last i took off my boots and started walking in my socks. lolx. My kaki sakit laaahhh~ i walk and walk and walk… and the boots wasn’t exactly comfy even though it was warm. >.< fml.

So~ obviously it was an excellent excuse for ME to go SHOPPING!! LOLX. And i did. My first shopping in Japan and bought…


It’s an Onitsuka Tiger. Nice right? I loved the design.. makes my feet looks bigger.. wtf?!?!

Tomorrow = Universal Studios. 🙂 I feel like a small girl being all excited about it. HAHHHA!

Stay tuned for more updates. 😉


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