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Every year, I often try to find a way for personal growth and development. I believe it is important for ones to often improve themselves to keep up in our fast pace society. This year, I decided to take on a skill. As mentioned in my Insta Stories, I am now officially a Certified Lash Lift Technician.

What in the world is that?!?! 


Let me explain…. Beauty perks has come a long way. Eyelash treatments especially has taken over the world by a storm. As the trend from fake lashes to eyelash extensions and now the revolutionary Lash Lifting. It all brings a whole new meaning to the eyes.


I had my fair share of eyelash extensions done the past couple of months (during the hype.. that is) after having them done over at Fabulash (Arcadia). Needless to say… I LOVED IT!!! My lashes were definitely on point… long, curvy, sexy looking 24/7. However, after a couple of rounds of having them redone (mind you, extension lashes starts dropping quite a bit after a week) and as much as I love having luscious long sexy curvy looking lashes, I hate the fact that my own natural eyelashes were also compromised. After a couple of months of having them done and redone… I began to notice my lashes were shorter and much less than its usual self.

As we all know, our natural lashes will drop (I mean, it is suppose to drop) but I somehow feel that my natural lashes health was also compromised in those few months that I had them done. Eventually, I decided to remove them all and leave them bare to let them gain back their strength and length again.


Or maybe, my lashes is simply just not so suitable to have lash extensions done.

I always love natural looking lashes and before I heard of extensions.. my metal eyelash curler and mascara was always a MUST HAVE in my daily routine. That was until Lash Lifting came into my world. Lash Lifting gave me a whole new perspective of how our natural looking lashes can look amazing with just a simple lift (almost like a perm.. but wayyy curvier and much more natural looking).

Let me be a bit more specific.


What is the difference between Lash Lift and Perm? Well, it is technically the same effect of having your eyes shout WOW and giving them lashes that extra oomph. However,  the technique used for a lash perm uses a cylinder rod whereas a lash lift uses a silicone. I personally believe that Lash Perm works better on those with longer lashes as the curling shortens them rather than elongating them. (A little bit like curly fries). HOWEVER, Lash lifts are suitable for all lash lengths (yes.. this means if you have short straight looking lashes, you are going to LOVE this results) due to the ability to ‘lift’ the natural lashes from the root using different sized silicone. This makes them more inclusive for women with shorter lashes who have always turned to extensions as well.


The results is all so natural. That I can’t stress how much I love it. Did I also mention, it last way much more longer than lash extensions. A good 2-3 months that is!!

In a fast-paced industry, lash lifts are now one of the hottest trends with beauty professionals all over the country making sure it’s on their service lists. BUT please beware as a good technician and brand of products brings you a long way. My favourite Brand by far (after many many rounds of survey) is YUMI Lash Lift (originally from France). A widely established and well known brand throughout the globe. This method enhances the eyelashes naturally at the same time giving it a simple hint of dye to bring out the eyes that bit further. (Trust me, it makes so much of a difference).

Like myself, if you are interested to learn. Feel free to check out the links below. OR you can just contact me to arrange for my service over at @mytwinklelashfairy (instagram)😁









Doughnut the one of a kind Backpack

There are so many kind of backpack trends and brands today. I have my fair share of favourite collection from Longchamp to Anello and now Doughnut. I have always loved a good functional backpack especially when I travel. Over the years, I have been trying to find one to suit my needs and finally I can say Doughnut really had done a good job in creating one of the most stylish and fashionable multi functional backpacks I have seen by far. Ones where I have a good space with a 11 compartments/pockets in total on the inside and outside… AND yet not too bulky to make it over empower my petite frame.DoughnutMini3.jpg

During my recent travel to Langkawi, my daughter and I used our mini petite doughnut macaroon and we can’t stress how much we love it. My little girl specifically had her colour combination chosen (Iceberg + Sakura) while I was carrying the Limited Edition One Piece Animation/Manga series. It is based on the characters of One Piece representing Luffy, Chopper, Nami, Sanji, and Zoro with a representative sign of character and a motto in Japanese. It was love at first sight when I saw the colour combination for this piece.


They come in so so so many variation of colours. Hues of pastel to darker tones to suit everyones style. Whats not to LOVE!!!! I could fit a whole lot inside this backpack and yet it feels remarkably LIGHT. I think it could even be a perfect fit as a baby bag or even a school bag of even a backpack for work for both men and women 😍. Doughnut1Doughnut2Doughnut3Doughnut4

Another bonus point I love is that this backpack is made with high quality waterproof nylon, also known as Cordura. Which means, no worries about having my iPad + Portable Power Bank being wet if I have to run in the rain.



It also comes in various sizes Mini, Regular and Large. Both my daughter and I carried the mini ones for our recent trip. I somehow prefer smaller backpacks. However, maybe in the future I might consider getting the Regular sized one to add to my collection. 😁DoughnutMini6


Another reason to love is the internal pockets available inside carefully stitched with lined interior to allow separation of items. I can easily fit my passport, wet wipes, tissues, money, phone and more at the compartments and not worry about searching for them items inside the bag with a bunch of other stuff.


Super love it! ❤️ This backpack is thoughtfully designed to fit our daily essentials. Theres also a compartment specifically dedicated to place the iPad. For the Regular sized, it can also easily fit a 13 inch laptop. For further information, do check out their website over at Doughnut Official Malaysia meanwhile check out the VIDEO below to get an idea of how awesome this bag is. 😁 Doughnut Backpack the Best in 2018 

EasiYo Real Yogurt Wonders



I am a huge fan or yogurt and so are my children. It is a healthy alternative to ice cream and known to have billions of live cultures yet deliciously healthy, how can we (to be more specific i) not be a huge fan, right?





AND then i found EasiYo. I am a huge fan and have been using this EasiYo to make yogurt for my family for years! Hence, i have decided to share my little secret (okay, its probably not a secret as everyone who has heard and tried EasiYo would probably know how to make em’ already) however, for those who hasn’t … now this is a MUST GET be it for yourself or the family!


The fact that i am able to make/ create something at home (myself) has always been a bonus point in my context. Hence, when i first started making yogurt at home with the kids.. for some odd reason.. it tastes that much better. 😛 (Maybe it’s also because my kids are helping out). It is one of my little mini project with my kids to make something delicious together while having our bonding sessions.

Making EasiYo is so easy yet satisfying. All we have to do is mix water to the yogurt mix sachet, put it in the Yogurt Maker and in a matter of hours (to be exact 12-15 hours) you’d get the freshest, tastiest yogurt ever. The best part is, it actually taste real good and there’s no artificial ingredients involved. If you haven’t already try it~ go get yourself one at the nearest hypermarket.

Fabulash Eyelash Extensions Review

Back in my 20’s I used to work in the beauty industry. It was something that represents me and my passion for beauty. It kept me looking forward to going to work everyday. Sometimes, when I think back.. I truly do miss those times.

Today, in my mid 30’s and as a mom of two life is completely different. Looking good no longer is my priority but a luxury with the kids being around. Don’t get me wrong, I do try my best to look presentable (although most of the time I look like a typical mom with a lack of style … no kidding! ~)

HOWEVER ~ ever since I open my eyes after I had tried Fabulash I have a whole new concept of feeling and looking amazing. Yup.. the below image us exactly how I look like with simply loose powder and lipstick as makeup. NO EYE MAKE UP AT ALL.


I remember my very first Eyelash Extension done at a small beauty parlour many donkey years back left me with an experience that I can definitely STRESS was not a good one. There’s always horror stories and the fear that our real lashes will all drop off leaving us with *botak/bald* looking ones! 😖 When I had my first experience it was nothing more but horrible!! It was literally a nightmare that I told myself I will NEVER EVER get my lashes done ever again!

Fast forward, many years, months and days later.. I stumbled upon the big RAVE of eyelash extensions once again. A girlfriend/neighbour of mine had hers done and I loved how it looked on her. She had hers done in various places using ONLY JAPANESE LASHES! I was in dilemma. I started having the itch to try.. i wanted to give it a go but I was extremely fearful for loosing my lashes. Months later, my girlfriend moved to Singapore and I put the whole idea on hold. Until I heard about Fabulash located in Arcadia Desa Park City.


They were opened for a good six months before I finally decided to walk in to enquire about it seeing how packed it always is whenever I walked past the shop. I finally made the leap and had my appointment set to get them lashes done!



The lashes I used were the Sakura Hime Lashes and they gave me a very natural look. They are also extremely light and doesn’t feel stressful at all on my own natural lashes. One thing I love is that their products are Japanese (YES! YOU CAN NEVER GO WRONG WITH JAPANESE PRODUCTS).

I can literally say BYE BYE to eyeliner and Mascara after today. It has definitely made my morning routine way much more faster than the usual 10 min I take. Now, I need only 3 min to get ready. 😁


As I am fairly active in general… gym in the mornings (I sweat a lot), run errands for the family and chase after my little monkeys + occasional Muay Thai in the evenings and late night social dancing.. I can say, these lashes doesn’t disrupt my daily lifestyle at all.

I swear by them lashes and I seriously think I can’t live without them now! 🤔🤣
If you’re like me… worried yet want to look fabulous.. take my advice and give Fabulash a chance to transform you to be beautiful.

Fabulash does nails too! I love their collection of Nail Art available. They are simply GORGEOUS!


Attached below are their prices as well as their contact information. Do give them a call to enjoy an amazing pampering experience from your lashes down to your toes.



G-1-5, Plaza Arkadia, 3, Jalan Intisari Perdana, Desa Parkcity (223.75 km)
52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
03-6411 2511
Opens at 10am


Hello 2018

Hi everyone.
It’s been a while.
A couple months ago, I decided to take things a little slow. I find myself lost in finding my true purpose for this blog. I reached a point where I was constantly swamped with advertorial content and events and I kind of lost myself with excitement of these wonderful projects that the next thing I realise was the impact it had on my blog content. Despite that, being a hands on mother of two had me juggling with time management as they are both attending different schools had me struggling to maintain my work and personal life all together.

Towards the end of 2017, and after many long days of struggling in thought,I decided to take the step to reflect and turned down numerous projects in line as I decided to take some time off to revamp and truly seek myself and the true intentions on how I wanted this blog to go….whether if I should really call it quits or make a game change all together…. And finally… yes finally it’s about darn time that I’m back to turn things right.

2017 went by with so many amazing experiences, lessons and achievements for me. I was very pleased that I managed to strike of at least 8 from my 2017 resolution list. This year, I definitely have more challenges up ahead that I would like to pursue.IMG_3193

As health is a big impact to everyones lives. I have been rather realistic with mine. In 2017, I started living a more fulfilling life with a big focus on Health. I had a shock in mid of 2017 when I realise my fat % sat on a square ground of above 27% which shook me real hard, especially with my petite frame. I began working out 3 times a week and gradually increasing to 5 times a week. The journey was initially tough to get on track. I was always tired! But for health, I told myself.. I need to change. I started watching and learning about the food I eat. I began to meet new people whom taught me the importance of both health and food and the changes in makes to ones body. I was truly intrigued by it all.


The Sourdough. As the journey continues, the more I learnt about health… I also learnt about bread making. It took me almost a year to finally get how to make a loaf of Sourdough bread with many failed moments in between. I swear, I gave up so many times but I am so proud of myself that I finally did manage to figure it all out at the end. I am not a professional. I swear I am far from that level, but I am definitely taking myself through this self learning journey as I venture into 2018.


As I have mostly share the sweet part of life in this blog (creating memories is a must for me) but sadly, life is life. My grandma isn’t all too great this year with constant in and out of the hospital since 2017. I have always been close to my granny at heart as she used to take care of me when I was very little. Every couple of weeks when I hear the news that she is in hospital, my heart aches a little and worrisome is an understatement of how I feel. I know for a fact it is a parcel of life.. people come.. people go. But still… she’s my granny.


Good relationships have also blossom further last year. I met so many new people and closer to those whom I have lost touched for the longest time with. I truly treasure each and everyone I have cross path with and hope to be bless with even more quality friendship this year ahead.


Motherhood is ever so challenging 😂😅 As both my children are no longer adorable toddlers, I have a whole new level of patience to learn which falls at no.1 for my 2018 resolution… TO BE HAVE MORE PATIENCE. If you are one of those moms who knows a thing or two in this area, please do PM me and share some notes. I love my kids to bits and occasionally I will joke around with the husband perhaps we should have another one this year considering a number of mommies around me are also pregnant.. But truth is, 2 is really a handful right now. HAHAHHA.

Florist That Makes Gifting Flowers Truly Special


I love receiving flowers, I believe every women secretly does.


In Malaysia and Singapore it is literally swerving with florists. They’re on every corner, so it’s a little difficult to judge each one, when you’ve got so many other ones to compare to. Yet, there’s always that one gem in every industry and market that seems to stick out and today the one that caught my eye is from Singapore, known as A Better Florist, and I was happy to find out they are different indeed.

To start off, they’re not just any flower shop. They’re one of the best they can be. They can be considered a gift shop, because they offer so much more than just flower bouquets and arrangements. Although that’s their primary passion and focus, and something that draws you in immediately, their hampers and fruit baskets are equally attractive.

On first glance, you’ll see that they put a lot of thought into every bouquet. Every detail matters. They also claim that they want to make a world a better place one bouquet at a time. They want to provide to their customers what nobody else has before – unique flowers. You’re able to contact them and request customised arrangements and bouquet, so that your story, feelings and thoughts are embedded into it with each bloom.

Apart from the ability to create your own personalised bouquet, A Best Florist in Singapore makes sure that they are always fresh. Try ordering on any day of the week, even if they are in the midst of a busy Valentine’s Day flower delivery in Singapore. Their flowers are still going to be one of the perkiest ones on the block, holidays or no holidays. That kind of dedication is known to maintain the same standards and keep them high is really admirable.

I love that they’ve developed from a flower stand in Singapore and embarked their business venture by fully-developing and expanding to be known as one of the the better few florist in Hong Kong, Dubai and Abu Dhabi as well.


They truly cater to all people with a busy lifestyle. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a mom with three kids, you’ll find that it’s so easy to shop from their website. You could be putting your baby away for a nap, and still be ordering a gorgeous bouquet on your mobile phone for that special someone, and/or that special occasion.

flower-delivery-singapore-lilah_1.pagespeed.ce.DbuTPkZUbz (1)
I believe, they aren’t called the best florist in Singapore just for that reason. One of my favourite things about A Better Florist is that they know what bothers customers. Nobody likes to wait long for their orders, and nobody wants a service that they can’t depend on 24/7. That’s why A Better Florist by far is one of my favourite as they developed the best flower delivery in Singapore, and I believe is setting an example to all florists as well :).

They deliver every day, and even on the same day! You don’t have to pencil in dates, or wait for days. They are literally a 24 hour florist in Singapore that pops up whenever necessary. They even deliver within 90 minutes, if you’re really in a rush and need a bouquet ASAP. And this definitely has caught my attention and I believe for many others as well. I embraced the luxurious shopping experience A Better Florist created.

Of course, that little piece of flower heaven isn’t only for Singaporeans. They also have the best flower delivery in Hong Kong, if you’re ever there or you happen to live there and need fantastic flowers and gifts. Or, if you’re not looking for a but a florist in Dubai that’s going to meet the standards of this luxurious place, then you can also count on their Dubai flower delivery.

A Better Florist is literally expending as we speak and blooming around the world one petal at a time. If more florists thought like the A Better Florist team, I believe we would all be a lot happier in general, wouldn’t you agree?. Go check them out.

Traveling to Korea Part 6

I can’t believe our one week adventure is almost to the end. New memories and adventurous experiences made throughout this trip. Day 6, the weather wasn’t too kind. It was drizzling the whole time hence, we had to change our itinerary with Shopping Day.

We didn’t buy much for ourselves but instead we helped friends to buy some goodies home.


By night fall, the rain had stopped hence we strolled back along Meongdong streets to have our farewell dinner.


*cheers to a fabulous family bonding trip*



The raw gooey, slimy and sticky texture was quite palatable for me. However, the husband, and kids were very much freaked out watching me eat half of the plate.

The other half, I decided to try to have it semi cooked with sesame oil. This I didn’t fancy so much. I personally find that the sauce somehow over cover the taste of the octopus. Perhaps the sesame oil is too strong for my liking. >.<

The very next day, we had to rush off to the airport rather in the morning. Thankfully, we were able to stop by for a quick breakfast + coffee before heading to the airport.




It took us about 2 hours upon arriving the airport. The husband and I wanted to have our one last meal before the plane ride home.

No meal is complete without LOVE and desserts. 💕




Traveling to Korea Part 5

We started our day by dropping by the famous Osulloc for some amazing green tea while the husband had to do some work.




Known to be one of the famous premium green teas that comes in a wide range of variety. Although it is a tad bit pricy but it is most certainly worth trying, especially if you are a green tea lover.

We then headed over to Hongdae, with the intention to check out the famous trick eye museum as well as their famous street food.

The kids obviously had loads of fun there. 😍

Hongdae has many amazing cafes to check out. As the time and weather wasn’t too good, we only managed to check out the lamb cafe.


We had coffee and their waffles here.


We then walked along and saw some pretty interesting things and had some yummy street food.


We then headed for dinner before heading back for the night. 😍 #eatnonstop



Traveling to Korea Part 4

Day 4 in Korea is a Day for the kids. They were extremely excited about today and probably looked forward to THIS DAY the most. WHY? Because today we are heading over to LOTTE WORLD.

Our morning started off with breakfast.

I was in LOVEEE with this..


It’s so fluffy and soft on the outside (something like sponge cake texture) but it has the most light yet creamy fresh cream on the inside that just ooOOozzeeeee out when you bite it. #deliciousisanuderstatement

My son, on the contrary was obsessed with the cute pororo character printed cheesecake.


As soon as we finished. We headed to Lotte World.

I have always tried to plan something fun/interesting/amusing for the kids on every little trips/holidays I have, as I believe sometimes kids learn most through fun experiences in life while we are making and creating memories together.


It was a fantastic indoor theme park and we had quite some fun there too! 🙂


We were there for a good 3/4 of the day and decided to head on back somewhere nearer to MyeongDong for dinner.

On the way back, the boy saw his favourite character again. 😛


We decided on Mexican for dinner that night.


Followed by desserts before calling it a night.





Traveling to Korea Part 3

Rise and Shine

It was yet going to be another fabulous day in Korea. WHY? Because today is the day where I will be seeing, breathing, eating and eating and eating all day long.

To be honest, I love to indulge in eating quite a fair bit when I’m traveling which sometimes the husband gets a tad bit scared of my crazy sudden urge of appetite/eating patterns.

Day 3 was planned to be the day where we head on over to Garosu-gil for cafe hoping.


Doesn’t this look so good?!?!

I was literally in love with the Latte here.


We walked along the street of fashion and as usual ended up not buying anything. Don’t get me wrong, I do love shopping but sometimes I don’t know what to buy. #wtf #dontwastemoney #goodwifematerial #luckyhusband

Next stop is known as the BANANA TREE

They serve this really cute looking plant like cake which my kids were both freaking out when I took my first bite into it.


Next stop, we came across this really pretty and vintage looking cafe.

It was really quite unexpected but with very few seats available inside this tiny cafe was half full with customers that we had to walk in to try.


We ended up ordering high tea there and while I was waiting for them to serve, I walked around and saw these cute looking Rose Financier (which is pretty much like sponge cake if you ask me 😂) 


We were all definitely sugar high after this!


As much as I would love to eat some more… the husband and kids were pretty much giving me the NO MORE EATING LOOK.

We then headed back to MyeongDong and guess what… the little girl was so amazed by tornado potatoe that we got one for her to try.


to my surprise…. she could actually finish the whole thing!!!!

#gluttonyisinourgenes #wecaneat

Once she was done… we headed on to explore the Duty Free Malls before heading back for the day.


Opps.. no. It wasn’t exactly like that. We actually went back to MyeongDong and had some food before heading back home. 😁